>Cavities in the Making..

Ok, so is anyone else halfway through their Halloween candy and it’s only the 30th? I like to buy it early, so I have a good selection, but I seem to have gone a bit overboard. Hubby demolished the peanut butter cups and I have put a good dent in the hot tamales. Worked out tonight and a salad for dinner. No candy today. Whoo-hoo, a small victory.


>Smoochable Pooches

>Since my mom entered her beloved Bulldog, Thunder in this contest, I had to enter “the twins” as well. Zeus and Zoe are our two spoiled rotten, but ever lovable black labrador retrievers. So, please give them 5 stars so we can win a year supply of Kibbles & Bits! Not that this is their food de jour, but I guess that’s beside the point! Vote often! http://www.smoochablepooch.com Zeus & Zoe are listed under North Carolina.

>I was runnin’


I have neglected my new blog already. Hubby and I ran our Half Marathon this past Saturday. He finished in just over 2 hours and I came in about 26 minutes after him! All was good until I hit Mile 11 and I got some serious pain in my left knee. Not sure what happened… I stopped and stretched, said a few choice words and made it through the next couple of miles. I achieved my goals: finishing, coming in under 2:30 and beating a guy who I knew was running and I hoped I could atleast beat him! I did learn a new acronym on race day – DFL. Dead freakin’ last. Glad it wasn’t me! We had great shirts made through Running Banana Everyone loved them!

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