>Dueling Banjos

>Hubby and I have decided to run the Country Music Marathon on April 28 http://cmmarathon.com. Even though I grew up near Nashville, I am not a country music fan, with the exception of some Hank Williams or Johnny Cash on occasion. Apparently, they have music stations every mile… think it’s rude to use my iPod? Anyway, this race is near my hometown, family and friends, so we can also use this for a little vacation time also have a great event to use as a motivator!

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Hubby and I had plans to go to the cycle class last night at 6:30, but I am now convinced that my boss has a honing device to know when I actually have to leave the building at 5:30. Needless to say, my boss stopped by my office around 5:20 to explain a new project, so I was late getting home, then on the way to the gym, we hit every light and thus, missed cycle. So, we did our own thing.. no big deal.

So, we had then decided to get up this morning for the 6am cycle class… we show up & all of the cycles are full. OK, I’m a big girl – I can run on a treadmill, but without my iPod? I do believe that I was on the clunkiest/loudest treadmill, but I survived my 3 mile run. Then, sweet hubby who made coffee forgot to actually turn it on, my mother called at 7:30 to ask the names of a relatives child (which scared me, because I am afraid of early morning phone calls from family)then I accidentally grabbed the hot flat iron when putting it away. Oh, and I gained a pound this week! I just can’t seem to “get right”… I had a client call first thing this morning to question a bill… and I still didn’t have enough coffee in my system to properly function. Just trying to decide why I’m being punished and this crazy cycle class is just out of my reach??

OK… feeling better – atleast I did get one thing off my list… ordered our Christmas cards last night! Thanks to http://monogrammomma.blogspot.com for her great post and many suggestions on the Christmas Cards! I chose these from http://invitingsmiles.com pictured above. Of course, ours will have us and not this cute, bald baby! Now to take the perfect photo this weekend!


Happy Thanksgiving… I am thankful to have a caring husband, a loving family and group of friends, two crazy dogs who make me laugh each and every day and work that I enjoy. We ran in the Greensboro Gobbler this morning – a very fun 1.5 mile run with our two dogs. The dogs would have finished way faster were they not leashed to thier slow owners!

We leave later today for the in-laws and the eating will commence… always a ton of people and even more food. I did bake a pumpkin pie and a chocolate-toffee cracker candy, not very traditional, but good nontheless.

>What’s Next?

>Other than the Turkey Day Gobbler Dog Jog that we will do on Thanksgiving morning, hubby and I have no races planned. We are considering the Music City Half Marathon in April, held in Nashville, which is close to my hometown. I’ve also looked into the Mardi Gras Half Marathon in Feb. and a few others. Any good half marathons recommendations in the southeast?

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>Catcher in the Rye

>I’m re-reading Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. I think it’s been since high school and I had forgotten how Salinger writes in these long, rambling run on sentences that make you struggle to keep up. Love this book and it’s great to revisit. I am remembering why it doesn’t take long to read – I don’t think I even take a breath when reading it!

>Tired Puppies


After spending the weekend at their favorite getaway, Zeus and Zoe have been sleeping like champs. We board them at a great place with 3 acres of fenced land, a pond and all the tennis balls they can fetch. They’ve been pooped since I picked them up yesterday. Blowing Rock was great, as was our 1st Anniversary… had lots of fun surprises – beautiful flowers delivered to my office on Friday, chocolates from our favorite place http://chocolatefetish.com and a wine delivery from friends in the area. We even had an array of weather – from 70’s and sunny to cold, snow flurries & 30’s. It was nice to get away and relax. Oh, we also enjoyed bites of a surprisingly good one-year old wedding cake topper! It was red velvet, the same as one of our wedding cake layers and was actually yummy. Ahhh, wedded bliss. The first year was an adjustment for both of us – I guess that’s what happens when two, independent 30 somethings get married & realize they have to share! We probably sound like pre-schoolers!

I do still get a chill when I think about our wedding day and walking into our church and finally seeing his face… the day was truly special for both of us and the details of the day were just as I had imagined. I can still feel the weight of the dress and the smell of my bouquet, not to mention a few nervous butterflies in my stomach!

>Cold Noses

>Why is it that when I am wearing shorts, that my dogs both like to insert quite cold noses near my tush? Home from the gym & they are both very interested in how I smell. We are dealing with our recent labby adventure… their first ear infection. A trip to the vet, a good ear cleaning & ear drops for 10 days are the solution. Not too bad, but they have to be stored in the fridge, so the pups really don’t like how cold they are. Guess I’m getting back for the cold noses!

>Trip On..

Yay, our anniversary trip, recently postponed is back on schedule. Just a short trip to Blowing Rock, but it’s always one of our favorite places to visit. We will be staying at a cute B&B called the Victorian Inn. Just can’t wait to get away. I have two presentation for work between now and then and several other projects to begin. Looking forward to our trip and all of the fun shops and antiques in BR. Off to play with the pups and work on my presentation for tomorrow!

>Anniversary gifts? Tick-tock

With our first year anniversary in just 11 days, I feel like I have some preparation to do. I actually just received one of our wedding gifts… our wedding was Nov. 2005, the gift was delivered in March, but went to my former residence. Luckily, nice landlord was holding my Lenox china dinner plate hostage for the past 6 months! I was just horrified in knowing that I hadn’t written a thank you note!

With work taking over recently, our anniversary trip to the mountains has been put on hold. I know we have wedding cake to eat, photos to review, cards to re-read and we also have the “wedding wishes” that our guests wrote to us that have been in a little sealed envelope.

Now, I’m stuck on gifts.. paper is traditional and clocks are modern. Hubby does want this gadget that would fall under clocks, but it just doesn’t seem very sentimental? http://www.garmin.com/products/forerunner305/