>And they’re off…

>To Nashville for the half marathon! Will report an update when I return. Forecast is currently 40% or 60% chance of showers on race day, but according to my mom, who lives outside of Nashville, it’s supposed to be pretty! We shall see!

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>Hosta R.I.P.

>Hubby spent nearly all day on Saturday adding mulch to our flower beds, packing up items to take to storage, cleaning off the porch that somehow accumulated 2 borrowed gardening tools, boxes of crap to be donated, pamphlets of how to operate his RedMax leaf blower, two pairs of tennis shoes, flower pots, etc. I did my part by cleaning the house, cleaning out our laundry room and planting new hosta plants in the backyard. We’re trying to get our house ready to put on the market this summer, so we’re getting in clean up/pack up/spruce up mode. I went out later and I noticed that there was a large hole where one of the hosta plants had been with a few leaves left on the ground.

The culprit(s)? You guessed it, Zeus and Zoe. Zeus even had dirt on his mouth, so I’m sure I have found the responsible party. I sprayed the plants with Bitter Apple, a product we used when they were puppies, because they also then enjoyed the sport of eating plants. So far, it’s working, but I still have my fingers crossed! Does anyone know of any other remedies? I’ve heard cayenne pepper works as well. Just trying to keep the plants in the ground!

Hosta update… 2 more of the plants are gone as of this afternoon.

>In the details


When we were in Key West, I really noticed some of the charm of the older houses – the cute little pink houses with gingerbread trim, the fantastic windows of the Ernest Hemingway home and the humongous banyan trees.

Of course, there is also more than a fair share of “historic” bar signs and the corresponding watering holes…

Which of course, led to a fair share of Irish car bombs…

But we also managed to have a few great meals… One at 915 where Steven had this great whole fish, prepared with Thai seasoning.

We also dined at an Italian restaurant… I have no idea of the name, but it was great. Pictured is another group from our same city that we didn’t travel with, but did manage to run into on our first night and of course, shared a few libations to celebrate being in Key West! Alan, aka Birthday boy is in yellow, hubby is in white across from him.

It wasn’t all drinking and eating… well, pretty close, but Hubby & I did manage to soak up a little culture (and shade) when visiting the Hemingway house…

Now it’s back to reality as we prepare for the Half marathon… we’ll be finished this time next week! Ack!

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>It’s the little things

>My new business cards arrived yesterday and they have two of my favorite things & I didn’t even pick out the design! Lime green accents and an image of a coffee cup in the background (muted, black & white – very cool). Our editor’s cards have a wine glass in hers… Hmph… I’m not jealous or anything!

>Moment of Silence

>I was all set to post photos of our trip to Key West, but it just seems irrelevant now with all of the recent news. As I was logging onto MSN.com, I saw the most recent news about the VA Tech shooter and I really can’t get my head around any of it. What gives someone this much hatred towards others that I assume he didn’t even know? What gives anyone this much hatred, period? What gives you the right to showcase your so-called “story” to NBC ?

I have several friends and past co-workers who are VA Tech alums, so I have experienced the “heart” of the school. These people are die-hard and my hope is that the students, families, faculty and staff can recover in the best way possible.

>Breaking news…


JCrew and Gap have exploded all over our bed. This is the scene while getting ready to start packing tonight. Hubby and I need to join OverPackers Anonymous. Hello, OverPackers!

It is cold and rainy here and I cannot wait to feel a little sun on my face and sand between my toes tomorrow afternoon in Key West. Our friends who we are traveling with actually left this morning and unfortunately are still sitting in the Atlanta airport. We may beat them there!
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>Granny Bathing Suits

>OK, I am about ready for a swim-cap, complete with flowers to match the two bathing suits that I have ordered in the last 24 hours. Can you say grandma?? One is from Lands End, a tankini with swim bottom. I don’t even know if it counts as a bikini bottom – I think it was only described as a swim bottom! What is that? It is pink & green and cute, but still. Then, I just ordered a chocolate brown takini & SKIRT from Athleta. UGH. I’m feeling chubby and just need to deal with it. Oh yeah, I’m going to Key West in 5 days and our house has a pool and yes, I will be expected to swim and sun in all of my whiteness and fatness. Oh, did I mention that I ran 10 miles today? Yes, 10. In the cold (37 degrees) and I’m still chubby and not wanting to wear a bikini in 5 days.


>What an exciting week.. new job & already a Friday off. It has been hectic all week, but I have really loved every minute of it. I am working for a new magazine (our 2nd issue hits newsstands next week) and we are hosting our launch events throughout the month of May, which had not been planned. Enter, Moi! I feel like I’m planning 5 weddings across the state! My lists just keep growing and the one “bad” thing is that I technically have no budget. Basically I was told to find out prices and I will be told no if it’s too high. Somewhat frustrating for a planner like me, but it will all work out, and maybe that’s a good thing!

On another note, hubby and I, along with 2 other couples are heading to Key West, FL next Thursday, for a little mini vacation. I haven’t been in over 10 years, so I would love restaurant and activity recommendations from any of you who have been.

Have a Happy Easter and don’t freeze! My cute Ann Taylor skirt will have to be put away until it’s warmer.

>Preppiness abounds in Charleston

>It has been such a busy week – starting the new job and lots to do! I am really loving it, so I am even more assured that I made the right decision.

I wanted to post about the huge preppy party that we ran into on Saturday in Charleston. As many of you know, Charleston is oh so very preppy, pretty and fun.

So, while we were out downtown after the race, this huge group of JCrew wearing, Lilly toting, seersucker sportin’ and Vineyard Vines tied people walked in. All with funny name tags and shot glasses around their neck! Sorority mixer we thought? Bachelor/bachelorette party? Nope. They were out en masse for the Carolina Cup and since they weren’t able to go, they host an annual pub crawl and raise funds for the ASPCA, while wearing their Carolina Cup worthy gear, including a few fabulous hats.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera – our group had left it back at our beach house, so no cute pictures to show you. It was definitely fun to watch & of course, we had to all make friends and find out what they were all about. Not sure how much money was raised, but they seemed as if they were having an excellent time!

>My 100th post

>I just noticed that this is my 100th post for my blog. I’m sure I should do some kind of Top 100 list or something, but how about a Top 10 to recap our fun weekend in Charleston?

1. One beer @ Red’s- it’s all I had on Friday night due to the race on Saturday.
2. Two of us (Hubby and myself) were the only runners out of our group of 11 who went on the trip.
3. Three o’clock was about the time I finally fell asleep on Friday night, due to our noisy group who decided to stay up late and party like it was 1999.
4. How about 40,000 runners for the Cooper River Bridge Run.
5. 5 hours is approximately how long it took us to drive to Charleston.
6. 6 is the number of Irish Car Bombs that were drank on Saturday, post-race. I should note, not by me – by Hubby and friends, yes, each drank 6 a piece.
7. 7 o’clock is about the time that dear Hubby decided that he needed to go to bed on Saturday night due to #6.
8. There were 8 running bananas (guys in banana costumes) in the race on Saturday.
9. According to my heart rate monitor, I burned approximately 900 calories during my run … all the better for my yummy crab cake sandwich at lunch.
10. 10 miles – our next Saturday run in preparation for the Country Music Half Marathon!

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