>My updates have been a bit sporadic and this week, frankly has been a bit “off”. My parents left on Sunday, so it’s been nice for it just to be Hubby, myself, and the big black dogs. The dogs seem to have settled down, even though we are still in a bit of pack/clean/move/declutter mode. We have to make time to call realtors and list this house, but it just seems like the week has gotten away from us. I think I’m just anxious to list this house, knowing that in about 3 weeks, we are going to be the owners of a new house. While I’d like to think that one day, we may possibly have the luxury to own two homes, I didn’t want them to be 10 minutes away from each other!

I was on one of our local morning news stations this morning to talk about the magazine. My editor and I went, while it’s always nerve wracking, it’s also kind of fun. They loved the latest issue, so it made it really easy. I felt like all we said was “thank you”. I’m fairly used to being interviewed, but I had never been interviewed at the TV station set, so seeing the teleprompter, talking to the anchor (and noticing that he has a helluva lot of make up on), is just kind of surreal. We left, immediately called the office and husband’s to make sure that we didn’t sound or look like idiots, hit Starbucks for a much needed caffeine boost and headed back to work.

Hubby and I also thought that I might be expecting this week. From my calculations, I was about 3 days late, which is pretty late in my book. I bought my first EPT 3-pack ever, tested twice (both negative), and then had a visitor later that day. It’s OK. I will admit, we were disappointed, but would have been shocked if we really were. But, as some of my friends have said, it only takes one time.

Not sure what Labor Day holds for us. I have a short day at work tomorrow and we may head to the lake, but we feel like we need to work on the house. Possibly a compromise, and we’ll go up for a day.

>Plug it in, plug it in…

This is also a must have for the new home office. In black, I think. We can finally have the mobile phones, iPods, Garmin, and digital camera all in one place without cords plugged in everywhere. This make me so happy! From Pottery Barn, of course.

>Cake & such

>After nearly two weeks of close quarters, we said goodbye to my parents this morning. They have done so much work that we could never begin to repay them. I should preface this by saying that my parents are 75 and 65, and are probably the hardest workers I have ever known. I wish I had their know-how and talent. They were at our current house, painting, cleaning, packing, sanding, giving Zeus and Zoe way more attention than they needed, and getting our house ready to go on the market. I hope we didn’t guilt them, but now Hubby’s dad is visiting on Tuesday to help us with a little landscaping and yard work. Hubby’s dad owns several rental properties, so he’s also a great guy to have around.

Since we were up early today, we made a 2nd pot of coffee and attacked our storage building in the back yard, emptied it, cleaned it, and reorganized it. Our plan is to call in three realtors this week and hopefully have it listed by the end of the week.

So, Hubby and I needed a little reward today, so we set off to our favorite bakery for a little yummy goodness. Red velvet cake for hubby and raspberry lady for me (vanilla cake with raspberry jam and cream cheese frosting). Yum. I couldn’t even finish my piece, so I’m now debating if the rest can count as my dinner.

>My "new" 1939 kitchen

>In the new house, the kitchen has a cute, built-in plate rack. To go along with the year the house was built, I’m trying to find coordinating dishes. I’m considering Fiesta Ware, since it has been around since the 30’s. I was also introduced to this wonderful site today by a co-worker. I am now so in love with the pantone plates. Apparently, these were used by salespeople in the 40’s to show the pantone colors. I’m thinking that these could be really cute in the new kitchen. Our regular dishes are Emma by Pottery Barn in white, so I would want to use something that could possibly coordinate.

Of course, this part of the kitchen is actually new, but I still think it could work. I would love any retro ideas that may fit in.

Also, we have this cute little phone cubby. Hmmm, to use as a resting place for flowers in a vase, or this? Decisions, decisions…
I promise to post more photos soon, but probably not until we move in. I feel strange about showing photos while it’s not yet our home.

>Almost two years ago…

>Since we are getting ready to move (in a month!), we have been packing, de-cluttering, and taking boxes to our storage unit. In doing so, I ran across the CD of photos from our wedding. Since I started my blog after I was married, I decided to take a walk down memory lane. This is also my downside when packing, because I want to stop and read or look at everything. This post should probably come with a warning to skip if you aren’t interested.. it’s probably like seeing your Aunt Sally’s vacation photos! Photos taken by Kellie Kano Photography.

The day of our wedding… enjoying a glass (or two) of Dom Perignon, a surprise from sweet hubby while having my hair done. I promise, my hair wasn’t this big when I walked down the aisle.

The flowers for my bridesmaid and my own bouquet – mine included white hydrangea, berries, and jasmine. My bridesmaids had pink roses and berries, wrapped in black material to match their dresses.
Our wedding programs. Love these – ecru, with a satin bow on the side and our monogram. The square shaped matched our wedding invitations and wedding cake.

My gown… pre getting dressed and getting it dirty before I went down the aisle!

During the ceremony, I remember being so nervous, but so excited for the future.A little posing with our wedding party, after the ceremony.

Leaving the church… I was so excited, I blocked Hubby’s face with my bouquet!
After our ceremony, enjoying a little alone time before going to the reception.
Our wedding cake – four layers of yummy goodness: red velvet, peanut butter and chocolate, raspberry lady (white cake with raspberries) and a layer of chocolate and raspberries. It had our monogrammed and we had my Great Aunt Lucy and Uncle Horace’s cake topper displayed that was used at their wedding in the 1920’s.

Our first dance… we have no formal training, but had a blast. We danced to “It had to be you”.

A great group shot.. I love this picture. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

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>A busy week…

>It really has been a crazy week… On Sunday/Monday, I had a little breakdown about one of my volunteer positions and if I’m truly in the “right chair”, so to speak. I had a talk with our president who assured me that I am and all Hubby could say is “sucker” now that I’ve decided it’s OK.

Also for my volunteer position, I had the chance to work here to drive a golf cart for this golfer. (sigh). He’s my latest addition to my “list” … too bad he’s probably 10 years younger than me. Such a cutie and he’s doing quite well in the tournament.

My parents have been here since Tuesday.. they have been a huge help, but the house is feeling a wee cramped. Hubby has been absent a little more than usual and I think I understand why. Not to sound ungrateful, but it is a little hard to manage.

The new house is going well – the sellers have verbally agreed to our inspection list, but we are still waiting for that in writing. Closing is in one month. We are hoping to have our house listed in the next two weeks.

>A little togetherness

>I spent the weekend with 20 of my fellow board members with this great organization. Again, I am always blown away at how many remarkable women we have that volunteer, have full-time jobs, children, and many other time commitments as well. We stayed overnight for our retreat in a camp-like atmosphere. Now, these are primarily women who are always dressed in their pearls, wearing great outfits with coordinating sandals and clutches. It was great to see that we (myself included) were able to “rough it” in our accommodations that included 4 bunk beds to a room, a 5-minute shower rule, and not freak out when we were outside of our comfort zones (whether it was almost getting attacked by huge bugs, doing the ropes course, or staying a weekend with 20 other women). Luckily, there was wine!

And, speaking of comfort zones, my parents are traveling here tomorrow for an “extended” vacation. We aren’t sure of the end date of the trip & Hubby and I became a little concerned when my mom is asking about the Baker sale, that takes place in MID September! My parents are great – they are mostly retired (my dad still works a part-time job for fun), so they are coming to help us get our current house ready to put on the market. Hubby did paint our dining room this weekend to a great neutral shade (parchment) that I highly recommend.. it took him 4 hours to prime and cover the previous red that it was painted. He was a trooper – it looks great, but still needs a few touch-ups. Luckily, mom is detail-oriented and will be a great toucher-upper.

>Leaky pipes

>The inspection was this morning, which is kind of crazy because you are just hanging out in someone else’s house. It just feels kind of surreal. Waiting around, checking out the cabinets, measuring to see if furniture will fit where we want, watching TV, eating popcorn.. no, just kidding about the popcorn part! It was great to be there again and take another look… again, we are both still sold on the house and I can’t wait to be living there and enjoying it.

At any rate, the inspection came back relatively clean, especially for a home of this age. There is one rather major issue – the downstairs bath has leaked and there is damage to the sub-flooring under the house. I’m thinking a new bathroom floor, perhaps? We are in the process of writing up what we would like to have fixed and submitting that to the sellers, so it’s a little nerve wracking. I hope all goes well.

In other news, it is incredibly hot and humid here in NC, as it is almost everywhere else across the US. My car thermostat was always 100-106 all day. Last night at 8PM, it was 100 degrees. All I want to do is eat smoothies for lunch and ice cream for dinner!

>Inspection Day

>We head over to the new (should I say new just yet?) home this morning for the inspection. I’ve never done this before, so I have no idea what to expect. The home is older (built in ’39), but there have been recent additions to the house with updates to the important stuff– wiring, pipes, etc. Wish us luck! Will post later with details.


>I try not to always use my blog as a place to vent, or gripe, but today I feel the need. My new job is great with the exception of one small item. We recently rearranged our cubes. Mine stayed the same – I do have a window and it used to be relatively quiet. I can even see a lake, well, if you look past parking lot and cars, but anyway.

There used to be 5 of us who sat in our area. Last month, they have moved another group of about 8 folks who are the most talkative employees in our company and all they do is run their mouths. All day. Non-stop. And they typically aren’t talking about work, or making work related calls, they’re just talking to one another about whatever. Let’s see, today it was about local painters and their pricing (has nothing to do with any of our jobs), a recent wedding, lunch, pottery, stationery, and a few work related items that typically just come out sounding like they needed to place the blame on someone.

It’s not that I’m immediately involved in all of these conversations and I’m time starved, but actually I feel like I can no longer concentrate with all of the t-a-l-k-i-n-g! Does anyone have any solutions, like using a fan to block out noise, or staying plugged into iTunes with headphones? Or yelling “shut the f**k up” at some point in the afternoon!?

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