>Taking a poll …


Crib bedding has been on my mind as of late. I’ve found several things that I like, but I guess I’m looking for a second, third, fourth opinion as I can’t seem to make up my mind.

Here are a few options for you to choose (in no particular order). Keep in mind, we don’t know the genders and probably won’t find out. Cribs and furniture will be painted white. Walls are painted a blue-ish green that tends to change colors throughout the day with white trim. Wall colors could be painted if we have to go that route. We’re buying for 2 and as much as I’d love to spend $1,000 on crib bedding, I can’t justify it.

Option A: The Callie bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. We would choose the bright green and find a more neutral (non-floral) crib sheet in green or white.


Option B: Stella from Pottery Barn Kids. Again, I would do a different crib sheet in green or yellow.

Option C: All Creatures Great & Small from Land of Nod.


Option D: Womb with a View from Land of Nod


Option F: Pique bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. In either chocolate or green, then we could add in other colors when the babies are here.


Please cast your vote in the comments section. If you have other ideas, please leave them as well. Baby A & Baby B thank you for your support!

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>Happy Birthday, Z & Z!

>It’s hard to believe that the “Z” dogs are 4 years old today. It really just seems like yesterday when we picked them up and I rode in the back of the car with them for the 2 hours trip home.

I remember that during our first weekend, no one really slept much. Seen here at 7 weeks old.

They did help us finish our wedding Save the Date cards by posing for us.

Zoe’s favorite past time – swimming at the lake.

Here they are this past Christmas.

And today, enjoying a celebratory drink & cookie!

>Pregnant Woman in need of congestion relief

>Here’s my latest love note to Mother Earth:

Dear Mother Earth,

I hope you are having a beautiful day. Currently, I’m not doing so great. Yesterday, from 3PM to about 9PM, I had about 10% use of my nasal passages. I finally propped myself up on about 90 pillows to make that number rise to about 40%. Being “with child” and all, I’m really limited on what I can snort or swallow. The stuff from my allergist isn’t cutting it. (Yes, I know it may take a few days, but I’m a little desperate. Breathing is kind of important.) I am asking you to please dispose of all pollen and ragweed from my nearby vicinity.

Susan D.

Any neti-pot users out there or anyone feeling the same way? If we’re in a 300 mile radius from each other, I’m sure we are. I’m looking for an all natural (or Pregnancy B category) remedy that I can add to my non-effective nasal spray and antihistamine!

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>Documenting the belly


20 weeks, 3 days on Easter Sunday
I felt the babies move for the first time this week. I’ve been waiting for these so-called flutters, but today, I think I felt someone flip over. More like riding a roller coaster sensation, than a flutter.

>Take5 Tuesday

>I was looking for a little Tuesday fill-in, so here goes. Thanks to Take5 Tuesday.

I chose the topic of my 5 favorite Breakfast Foods, so here goes:

One of my favorite as of late is Old Fashioned Quaker oatmeal mixed with skim milk, raisins, cinnamon, and ground flax seed. Ok, the flax seed stuff isn’t my favorite, but it’s good for you.

The breakfast casserole that my mom makes – eggs, sausage, cheese, and sourdough bread all mixed together in a yummy baked goodness. Can it really get much better?

Omelets. I am not a huge fan of eggs, but when eggs meet cheese and salsa, they become my friend.

Pancakes. Don’t have them often, but they definitely earn a space in the top 5.

Biscuits and raspberry preserves. Yes, I know I’m in the South, but this Southern girl doesn’t like gravy. Give me a homemade biscuit and homemade preserves with a glass of milk, and I’m a happy girl.

>Why I shouldn’t take sick days

>1) I’ve stayed on my work email most of the day, working anyway despite not being able to breathe properly and nursing a sore throat. Oh well, I’m still in my PJ’s so that counts for something.

2) I can watch A Baby Story on TLC and see a woman give birth to what looked like a toddler. Ummmm, a little scary to this first time new-mom-to-be.

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>Have you heard?

>We recently featured this company in our magazine. Of course, Oprah wrote about it 2 years ago. Guess we were a tad slow!

It can actually replace your google or yahoo search engine and the great thing is that you can choose your favorite charity or non-profit and proceeds go back to that non-profit. You can also shop via their site and make more money for your chosen non-profit.

I personally volunteer for a non-profit and we’re up to nearly $2.00, but every little bit counts. So, do your good deed today, use Good Search, pick your charity, do a little searching online like you would anyway, and raise money for someone who needs it.

>Baby naming is hard

>A co-worker sent this article to me yesterday. I really couldn’t believe some of the names that they found in past censuses. King Arthur? Ima Hooker? Candy Storh? Really? Plus, do you really want your child to have to grow up dealing with this?

Yesterday, Hubby met a family with twin girls named “Maggie” and “Valley.” For those of you not as familiar with NC, when I hear Maggie Valley, this is what I envision. While picturesque and scenic, not what I would plan to name my children.

I did work with a guy whose last name was Naylor. He always joked that he would name his kids Woody and Didde. I digress …

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