>smile report

>I have been patiently, um make that anxiously waiting to get a real smile from the girls. We’ve seen plenty of the sweet smiles that they make when they are fast asleep, but I wanted one of those real, melt-your-heart smiles when they are wide awake.

I’m happy to report that Maddy gave me THREE big smiles this morning after her breakfast. She was wide awake after her feeding, so we were talking about life and when I saw these smiles , they just about melted my heart. So sweet.

Then, Libby offered me several toots and a big explosion of poop. So much for all smiles this morning, but I guess those are just the joys of motherhood!


>more questions

>So exciting … two questions from the exotic Libby who is now kicking up her heels (and loafers) in Hong Kong!

1. what’s your favorite breakfast food? This one changes depending on my mood, location, and the weather. If I’m home, I normally eat granola with fresh fruit and milk or if I don’t have granola, then I eat cereal. In the winter, it’s typically oatmeal with fruit. Or english muffins with peanut butter and bananas. Now, if I’m not cooking or it’s the weekend and Hubby cooks, then I love a good omelet with lots of cheese, peppers, and onions or some type of breakfast casserole with eggs, cheese, and sausage.

2. if someone gave you plane tickets and you had to use them right this second, where would you go? Hmm, right this second, I would be on a plane to Nashville, TN so I could see my parents, family, and some of my best friends from home. My parents of course have met the girls, but neither of my brothers or my friends from home have had the opportunity. I’m dying to see everyone and hopefully our Thanksgiving plan to venture there will work out.

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>Just when I’m bragging on the dogs, I now have to report that they were pretty naughty. I was getting our cooler of milk and bottles ready to go upstairs (yes, our house is 2-story and our bedroom and nursery are on the 2nd floor. The cooler is a much safer route instead of stumbling blindly downstairs to the kitchen at 3am). Anyway, I walked into our bedroom to find POOP on the floor. Not baby poop either, but a little present from the dogs.

Our dogs are 4 years old and I feel like if we would have had a “I can’t hold it” situation, then their present would have been left near a door. This was just plain bad manners and I’m sure their way to say, “pay us a little more attention, willya?”

Has anyone had this happen with their pooches? Any behavior modification techniques would be most appreciated. I don’t want the dogs to be mad at us, but I also can’t tolerate any more presents like this.

>The Z Dogs


Heather asked how the Z-Dogs are transitioning with the girls. They are doing well with the girls. We did bring home baby blankets so the dogs could get accustomed to their smell. They sniffed a few times and walked away. I don’t really know what I expected – barks of glee? They are still sort of non-committal now that the babies are home. They do a bit of a “hover-sniff” around them and then normally go lay down. I’ve seen a few toe-licks here and there, but nothing to be worried about.

I know the dogs will love the girls much more when solid foods are involved and there are plenty of spills on the floor. Zoe is much more of the mama dog around them, and Zeus tends to sleep a lot and stay out of our way. We are trying our best to make sure that the dogs still get plenty of attention, but I will say it’s a lot harder than we imagined. Of course, our walks are the best when we have the double stroller AKA the train, plus two dogs. All people can do is laugh or make comments about how we have our hands full. Yeah, we kind of figured that one out on our own!


>Jules, yes I do take hundreds of pictures each week. I may take 100 at a time if I’m trying to get a shot for say, our birth announcement. If it’s just random shots, then I just snap as I go when the mood strikes. I also have a new camera, so I’ve been playing around with it to figure out settings, etc.

Right now, Hubby and I both have small photo albums, but I haven’t decided what I want to do as far as a large photo album or scrapbook for them. I really need to decide and start something soon or I’ll never get caught up! They each have a baby book, so that will need photos as well. I’ve never been a great scrapbooker, so I may go the traditional photo album route instead.

I do try to keep the photos organized electronically and weed out and delete the bad shots … otherwise we’d probably have no memory left on the computer! I also love my old 35mm camera, so I plan to buy some film soon and take some the old fashioned way.

Thanks for the question!

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>and the diamond award goes to …..

>I was nominated by the lovely MMM, so I thought it would be nice to share the wealth. After all, who doesn’t want a big shiny diamond, virtual or otherwise. Here are the rules …

Put the logo on your blog
So, here it is

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you (already done – see top and daily reads)
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
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5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

On that now as I nominate:
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>ask away

>I’ve decided so I don’t start blogging about the 4-eared kitty that I just saw on msnbc.com (scary), and I know that it’s going to get a little boring here if I only write about topics like “breastfeeding – which hold works for you?” and “poopy diapers – how many today?”, and my personal rhetorical question fave “why are you crying?”, I’ve decided to open up for any burning questions that you’ve been dying to ask me.

So ask away in the comments section and I’ll answer them this week. Just think, you’re doing your part so you don’t have to read about “Diaper Genie vs. Diaper Champ – which is less stinky?”

>I heart delivery men

>Usually my love of delivery men is limited to those from florists and Papa John’s, but recently it has expanded to include the nice guy who delivered our new front-loader washing machine on a Sunday and took $75 off the price because of a ding that I can’t even see. Then today, it further expanded to include the man who delivered our glider from Sears. And, while still not properly packaged, it’s not shattered or broken like the last two and is ready to be assembled.

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