>Lessons learned


We had our first overnight trip with two five-month-olds for Thanksgiving and I think everything went pretty well. We did learn a few things from the trip …

1) Don’t expect two five-month-olds or any baby for that matter to not cry when brought into a loud and very busy house for the first time. We had a little bout of crying when we first arrived from what I will call “too many people in my face all at one time … back the hell up.” Luckily, they ate and then were happy to meet about 20 “strangers” who all wanted to ooh and aah over them.

2) Two babies in two pack n’ plays in one bedroom makes for a sleepless night for the parents. At home, Maddy and Libby have slept in their nursery from day one and for us to all sleep in one room, we could hear every little sound they make. It was more than distracting and we woke up almost every hour. Would it be awful if the pack n’ plays went in the living room for Christmas?

3) Girl cousins love babies. They looked so disappointed when I told them the girls were napping and couldn’t be disturbed. Later, I found 3 of the cousins peeking in the window to see if they could see if they were really sleeping.

4) Dresses and cardigan sweaters, while so adorable are a big pain for babies to wear. The dresses just get bunched up and just seemed to get in the way. But, oh how cute are matching little dresses with white cable knit sweaters?

Edited to add photos … for you, Leesie! My friend Lindsday took these for me last week … I realized that I never took a photo on Thanksgiving Day (horrible Mom I know), but I’m trying to track some down from the inlaws! These are the dresses they wore, so you’ll get the idea!

>The list is growing …

>We’re getting ready for our 1st overnight trip to the Grandparents for Thanksgiving, so I’m starting to try to pack up everything we’ll need. Or at least everything we can pack in advance. We’re only staying one night, so we won’t need much more than our last trip, but a lot of “just in case” items. Extra “extra” clothes, Tylenol, Mylicon gas drops, more bottles, more of everything really. Oh, and I love this one that Hubby wrote down … ALL parts to the breast pump. Honestly, every time we go over to a friends’ house, I leave something behind that goes to it. Uhmm, not fun and I would definitely be in trouble for an overnight visit that lands on a holiday.

Ok, TMI I know. I claim hunger pains and having a cold since Monday and now it’s causing me to just write anything that comes to mind. Off to pack!

>Gainfully employed (almost)

>I had my interview yesterday. It went well and really didn’t feel like an interview at all. First, we talked about my children and oohed and aahed over pictures. They came bearing gifts from the company, which was a very thoughtful and appreciated gesture. We met at a restaurant and enjoyed a nice meal and dessert, while they described more of what the job entails and more about the company.

So, they never asked for a resume and basically left it with “We’d love for you to join our team.” Really, that’s it? It’s that easy? What’s the catch? I heard about this job from a friend who has partnered with them in the past, so I’m assuming her recommendation may have sealed the deal. So, I asked a few questions via email last night, but I’m ready to say yes. The job will be part-time and I can work from home. It will involve a little travel, but all in North Carolina, and no more than what I had done before. So, after it’s all official, we need to figure out some sort of childcare. I may try to do some work while the girls are napping, but I’d like to find someone who can come in and help with them for a few hours each week, so I can knock out uninterrupted work.

I’m excited to have found something that is so flexible and that I can do from home and still get to spend the majority of my time with M&L. So, cross your fingers and let’s hope that it all works out … the pessimist in me is still waiting for them to say, “oh, yeah we forgot to mention that this job entails you weaving tiny baskets in our damp warehouse and selling them on the corner.” Let’s hope not.

>The parents are coming, the parents are coming …

>Their EDT was 5AM CST today. Oh, that should put them here anywhere between 2PM EST and 6PM EST. Let’s just say that my parents may be one of the last couples on earth who don’t have a mobile phone and drive the speed limit. Oh, and stop at every rest stop for breaks. So, I wait all day and never really know when they’ll arrive. The standard 8 hour drive can take anywhere from 8 hours to close to 12.

I’m looking forward to seeing them and let’s face it, more importantly for them to see the girls. We looked back to see how much Maddy and Libby weighed when they left and they have doubled their weight since then. I’m sure they are going to look like little porkers to my parents.

So, on our agenda while they’re here? Thanksgiving, a photo session for Christmas cards, hopefully a Christening for Maddy and Libby, planting peonies, and hopefully getting a few pictures hung around the house.

Mom is also bringing a collection of Hallmark ornaments that she’s decided she no longer wants, so she thought I would be the perfect one to put them on Ebay for her. I can hardly wait for that one, but I think I’ll be reminded that Hubby and I have built in babysitters of the free variety, so how can we say no. If you are looking for a particular ornament, send me a comment and we can talk, because she may have it. She was a little obsessed with them to say the least.

So, Hubby’s not drinking yet, we don’t know how long they are staying, but I’m sure there should be some interesting stories along the way.

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>My day of "cooking"

>One of the hardest things for us to figure out since the girls arrived on the scene is what to eat for dinner. When my parents were here after the girls came home, Mom had dinner on the table by 5:30 PM sharp. I don’t think we’ve eaten that early since we were kids. It was wonderful to say the least, but they’ve been gone and we’ve burned through all the meals that were brought to us by friends. (Thank you – they were yummy.) I would try to cook something before Hubby gets home, but the timing is usually off and I’m feeding the girls, or um, playing on Facebook. So, we often find ourselves looking at each other at 7PM, asking the dreaded question, “What’s for dinner?”

So, we decided to make a trip back to Let’s Dish and this time we are being extremely lazy and choosing the “dish and dash” option. That means someone else even prepares the food for you. For an extra $10 and when I’m on limited time when I’m out sans children, it makes sense. So, later today, I’ll be picking up chicken breasts with cranberry chutney, mini mozzarella stuffed meatloaves, a pork tenderloin, and a beef roast. We have the portions divided, so we typically can get 2-3 meals out of one dish. We’ve had the meals before and have found them all to be very good.

So, that is my cooking for today. One day, I really do hope to cook again on a regular basis. I mean, I do watch Martha for new recipes and subscribe to three food related magazines … doesn’t that count for something?

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>In amazement

>Last night, I attended a Celebration of Life service for my good friend’s mom whose battle with cancer ended earlier this week. While I didn’t have the chance to know this woman, her daughter showed such amazing strength, dignity, and grace. It was such a sweet service, full of laughter and joy, and far few less tears. This woman fought cancer for 8-9 years and did an amazing job. From what her family shared, she never got angry, mad, or sad … she just accepted it and knew that God was in charge.

Usually events like these always make me sad, but I left last night feeling inspired. From listening to my friend and from hearing about her mom’s positive outlook on life. So, I think I will try to laugh a little louder, be more kind and giving, and take time to enjoy the little things.

This may not be 100% appropriate, but it reminds me a little of the quote from Ferris Bueller. “Life goes by pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


>I have a job interview on Tuesday. I’ve known about it for a couple of weeks and now I can’t believe that’s it’s almost here. So that means I have a little preparing to do this weekend – print my resume, brush up on my interview skills, read a little more about the company, oh and pray that I can find a suitable outfit to wear. I’m hoping that I can find an Ann Taylor top that I wore early in my pregnancy that let’s just say, is forgiving where I need it. Oh, and heels – I don’t think I’ve had on heels since Spring of last year!? It’s kind of exciting … my feet won’t know what to think!

If my clothes don’t work, I’ll be doing a whirlwind shopping trip on Saturday. Not my favorite kind of shopping and that’s when I usually can’t find anything that works.

So, not to jinx myself about this job, but I still think it sounds too good to be true. It would be part-time, I can work from home, and they are very family friendly. I’ve talked to two other women who do what I would be doing and all have had nothing but good things to say about the company and their jobs. We’re talking the company paying for nannies for them at the annual company retreat. So, we’ll see … my stay at home gig may be coming to an end.

I’ve really enjoyed my time home with the girls. They are amazing and I hope that if everything works out, then I can have someone come in to help with them a few days a week, then I won’t have to feel like I’m missing out on their day to day activities. I mean, I can handle life without poop and spit-up, but those smiles. I would have to get my daily allotment of smiles.



It’s hard to believe that three years ago, I was walking down an aisle surrounded by friends and family waiting to get a glimpse of that familiar smile.

Happy 3rd Anniversary, C! I love you! My, a lot has changed since this time last year!
Photo by Kellie Kano.

>Nature walk


It’s been gorgeous here the past couple of days, so I decided to take along my camera on a little nature walk to try to capture some of the pretty fall colors in our neighborhood. I don’t know how much “nature” we saw on the walk … there were several squirrels, a couple of kids, a Labrador retriever, and several Volvos … but I will say that the fall foliage is beautiful.
Ready to go. On the walking path in our neighborhood.
Libby stayed awake for most of the walk.




Love all the trees.

Our street.