>L. has had three hemangiomas since she was just a couple of weeks old. They all appeared while she was still in the NICU. They are located on her hand, upper back, and on her back hip, right where the diaper lays across her back. We are very lucky that they aren’t on any areas that would impare her vision or eating.

We have been keeping an eye on them and our Pediatrician checks them out at every visit. The one on her hip is starting to get a little weakened in the middle, so she referred us to a plastic surgeon for further evaluation.

Our appointment was earlier this week, so we had someone watch M. while Hubby and I made the trek for the appointment. It was the first time since leaving the NICU that they’ve been separated! Both did fine, but we made the dumb mistake of not taking a stroller and of course we didn’t park in the right spot, so Hubby ended up carrying L., who was still sleeping when we arrived, in her car seat all across a big ol’ hospital. Next time, we’ll park in the right spot AND take the stroller!

So, we found out that she’ll have to have surgery to remove these, since the one is getting weaker and they don’t want to risk it ulcerating and opening up. As you can imagine, you don’t want to run the risk of this thing opening up + coming in contact with any, um “diaper related” contents.

So, my sweet girl will have to be put under with anesthesia and they will go ahead and remove all three at one time. I know that she’s a trooper, but I just hate to think that she’ll have to be go through this at such a young age. It probably is better, because she won’t remember it … plus, we won’t have to wait up to 5+ years for the hemangiomas to go away on their own. This practice specializes in pediatric plastic surgery, so I know they know what they are doing, but still. I guess part of becoming a Mom is learning how to worry like one!


>The Honest Scrap


I received a fun award today…the Honest Scrap Award from Natalie at Old Southern House. Here are the rules: A.) First list 10 Honest Things about yourself Рand make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep. B.) Pass the award on to seven bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.
1. I have identical twin daughters. Fraternal twins run in my family, but we somehow beat the odds and had identical. They are by far, one of the best things that has ever happened to me.
2. Their birth/delivery was not at all as I imagined. I envisioned a natural birth (or at least putting off drugs as long as possible), practicing yoga poses while laboring, walking the halls, eating ice chips, etc. None of this happened. I had a short stay in the hospital on bed rest, more bed rest at home, my water breaking at home, going to the hospital without names picked out, no shower, and feeling really unprepared, and then having an emergency c-section. But, they are here … beautiful and healthy, so if I had to do it all over again, I would.
3. I am not a math person. I love working on budgets or balancing a checkbook, but give me Algebra or Geometry and I feel like you are speaking a foreign language. I really don’t see how I made it through some of these classes in High School and College. A big thank you to those teachers who somehow got me through!
4. I have a love/hate relationship with running. I love the way that running makes me feel, love the feel after a good run, and I love participating in a race. Somehow, I can beat myself up prior to a run about everything … are my clothes right, where am I running, is it going to be cold, is my knee going to hurt, can I do this, will my ass jiggle? If I just get out there and do it, I’m fine, but the getting there part is hard for me.
5. My best friends are scattered across the US and I miss them all the time. I think now that I’m on Facebook it makes it even harder, because I read about their daily lives, but it makes me sad because I’m not a part of them.
6. I am very lucky to have a wonderful husband who is kind, funny, a great dad, handsome, positive, and loving. I do tease him that sometimes his positiveness is too much to handle …(come on, are you really this happy at 6AM?), but I can’t imagine him any other way.
7. I grew up in a very middle class family, but my parents and Grandmother always somehow were able to provide us with more opportunities that we would have normally had: private school, nice clothes, gifts, etc. I now realize how thrifty my Mom is and how they were probably able to squeeze budgets and make everything work.
8. I have a weird memory … I can often remember clothes that were worn or music that was played for several events in my life. And not necessarily “big” events … ones like one summer, I was with CC in college on the way to dinner, and we were driving in her car and Devil’s Haircut by Beck was on and I will always remember associate that song with her and that moment. But, I often feel like I still have Mommy brain and can’t remember day to day events or who I spoke with on the phone!
9. I never knew my maternal Grandfather and one of my aunts passed away when I was 3. I really wish that I would have known these two people as they were so important to my Mom and Grandmother. I just feel like there are untold stories and experiences that are lost forever.
10. I started using email when I was in college, and I distinctly remember thinking that email would never replace writing letters to people and that I would probably only use it just for school/work. Let’s fast-forward 14 years and I am probably addicted to email more than my daily coffee. I do still believe in using real stationery and writing letters, but now I do it several times a year compared to several times a month!
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>I’ve decided

>That nothing kills a good running stride like having Pachabel’s Canon in D come up on your iPod when it’s in Shuffle mode and nothing makes you run any faster than passing what appears to be a scary homeless guy walking past you as you enter back into your neighborhood.

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>Running Dork

>I think I may just try to strap a headlamp on when I run next week, because I really “need” one more item to carry.

For last night’s run, I carried/wore …

* My iPod, a necessity and full of songs to keep me moving.
* Hubby’s “clicker” so my ADD self could keep track of how many laps I had done on the track. I’m not good at counting “one” in my head the whole lap.
* My knee strap, since my left knee has been bugging me since Saturday. Old+not running in almost 2 years=my body asking me WTF?
* Water bottle. Well, I did leave this on the bench while I ran. However, it does have a handle on it if I decided to carry it.
* Gloves and ear muff thingy. Again, a necessity when it’s 40 degrees.
* Car key
* Watch / heart rate monitor combo. To keep track of my time and to keep track of calories burned, heart rate, etc.

I just laugh at myself, because you always hear how running is the best sport ever because you can just grab your shoes and go. Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to keep accumulating stuff with every run.

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I sent out a few pictures of M & L yesterday and one of my friends commented that “the one in the blue looks like trouble.” Hmmmm … wonder if we’re in for it.

>Oh sweet coffee


I missed you yesterday.
Yesterday was a blur of feeling like I had a vice crushing my head, watching our 44th Presidential Inauguration, taking my temperature, trying to help Hubby with the girls, looking at our teeny amount of snow outside, sleeping, and more sleeping. It must have been some kind of 24-hour bug, because I feel better today. So, no coffee yesterday and I’m not sure if I really ever ate yesterday. Yuck.
So, I am glad to be up today and not feeling like I want to crawl under a blanket. I hope to work on cleaning up our den that looks like an explosion has taken place, get some work done, mop the floor where I spilt 7UP yesterday, and grab some kisses from my girls … that may be the hardest part of being sick … no kisses from Hubby and no giving them to the girls.
I leave you with this … we did manage a photo opp of M & L yesterday while they were “watching” the Inauguration. And to the makers of the Bumbo chair, I realize you aren’t supposed to put these on an unstable surface, but I promise that Hubby was just out of the camera shot … waiting to grab a baby with cat-like reflexes!

Jan. 20, 2009 – an important day in history when we were almost 7 months old.

We marked the day by having a PJ Day!

>Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’

>I don’t think Maddy is one bit pleased at Libby’s latest trick … rolling over, then pinning her down in wrestler-like moves. It does give Maddy a good opportunity to stick her thumb in Libby’s mouth, or her finger in her ear, or for easy pacifier stealing.

Can’t you feel the love?

>Baby Food Making, Attempt One


Well, I guess it’s really my 2nd time … I baked and pureed a sweet potato for the girls last week. Today, was butternut squash. I know I’ve never bought a butternut squash and I may have tried one, but I think it was in a ravioli?
The one I bought looked like a gourd and I wasn’t sure if to use the stem part, so I didn’t. It smelled and felt like a pumpkin when scooping out the seeds. I just used the round part and I was surprised that I didn’t end up with more “meat.” Maybe I should have used the stem. I cut it in quarters and baked it for 45 minutes, then scooped out the meat, and gave it a blend with our hand-held food processor thing.

Sorry for the blurry photo … aren’t the pink ice cube trays so cute?

Anyway, here it is pureed and in the cute little silicone ice cube trays, ready for the freezer. I saved a portion to use for dinner later on today. I guess to get 9 servings out of one squash is still very cost-effective. The squash cost $3.00, so about 33 cents a serving. The organic squash baby food was $1.49 a container, which is 2 servings, so about 75 cents a serving. I’m not trying this out solely for cost savings, but also that it seems pretty easy to do, plus it’s fresher and not sitting on a shelf for two years.

Now, don’t get me wrong … I still consume plenty of processed and packaged foods and I’m sure the girls will later on in life as well. Which we really shouldn’t eat the crap, but I guess I would rather start the girls out with as fresh and healthy of foods as possible. If they turn out like me, I’m sure they will discover Wheat Thins and Hot Tamales all on their own!

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>Chili Day

>Just like in elementary school … well, I wish! I can remember back in Elementary School when it was the day that they were serving Chili for the school lunch, they would also serve a cinnamon roll for dessert. Yum! I think that was about the only day that I would eat the school lunch.

I’ve been wanting to make chili lately, but haven’t wanted to make the time to find a good recipe and let it simmer for 6+ hours. I lucked out yesterday when I went to my favorite place for when we need something good for dinner, but again have no time to cook, which is often lately. Best chicken pot pies, ever! Anyway, I found out that Saturdays are “Buy one, get one 1/2 off” soups and entrees! I bought two types of chili – regular and southwest and plan to have the regular later today.

Do you eat in plain or with toppings? I think it’s great with cheese, Frito scoops, and maybe a little sour cream or jalapenos on top.