>Meet Murphy

>Why is it that on the night that I try to go to bed early knowing that I have to wake up by 4:30 so I can get showered, dressed, breakfasted, car loaded, and out the door before 6AM that my normally two sweet, sleeping through the night babies decide that they want to be up every 3 hours?

I’m guessing it’s either teething pain or Murphy’s Law.

I’m really feeling like a mom of newborn twins this morning. Thank goodness for Hubby. Have a great weekend … I’m off to work an event. Let’s just hope there’s a Starbucks in the building!

>Maybe just as good

>One of my favorite pairs of pants are from JCrew … they are light blue cotton chino pant. Basic and simple. Not skinny cut, not crazy wide leg, just right. They are the Favorite Fit.

I was in Old Navy recently and noticed their perfect khakis. I tried them on and liked them, but they were out of stock in my size. I decided to check online and and they had my size … they have several pretty colors and they come in 3 different hem lengths for the regular, and a petite and tall version.

Mine arrived today and I may be declaring them my new favorite and I think they may be just as good as the JCrew ones, for about $10 less. I’m thinking the jalepeno color may be fun for Spring. Or even to liven up these 36 degree days with a black turtleneck. Anyone else a fan?

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>Diagnosis: over-competitive

>Or why I shouldn’t use Ebay … I just paid full retail for two damn coordinating Mini Boden dresses. I am of course rationalizing this purchase because …

1. They will still be cheaper because the shipping is less than what Boden offers.
2. These little dresses are pretty cute and it’s not often that I find coordinating outfits for M & L on Ebay.
3. Easter dresses can be checked off the to-do list.
4. Umm, I’m being “green” because I’m buying used clothing?

I swear, whenever I have bid on Ebay, I can feel my blood pressure rising and it makes me crazy. I hate to lose, and I think this is why I need to stay away.

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>I knew it would happen one day

>This afternoon, M & L were playing with toys on a blanket. I decided to use this opportunity to pump and still be able to keep an eye on them.

About two minutes in, I look over to see Libby holding onto a toy. Upon second glance, I realize that she is holding Zeus’ tennis ball / rope toy just a mere inch below her mouth. I need to preface this story to say that I did not place this toy on the blanket. I am assuming that since Libby has started to get pretty active scooting around, she must have snagged it from the floor.

As you can imagine, I’m hooked up cow like to a machine, so I start talking to her trying to get her attention so she doesn’t put this nasty thing in her mouth. I’m all, “Hi Libby … hey sweetie … what are you doing, Libby?” For a while it works, she just continues to look at me and hold the toy. Then, she slowly started inching it back up towards her sweet little lips. She’s probably thinking, “Silly lady. I’ll show her.”

So, I “unhooked” and pulled this new toy out of her tiny little hands, checked for any errant dog hairs on her face, and decided that she will probably never have any dog allergies due to her close encounters with dogs on a daily basis.

Oh, life with dogs … I can only imagine what we’ll be doing when they are crawling!

>Homemade applesauce


Homemade applesauce is so easy to make for your baby, or babies. Plus, it makes a good amount and is easily frozen. Oh, and did I mention that it’s really easy to do? It tastes really good … I would eat this as is. It’s plain, sweet, and yummy.
I started with six organic Red Delicious apples.

Peel the apples.

Next, core the apples. One of these apple corers really does help save time.

Chop the apples and place them in a heavy bottomed saucepan. Add two tablespoons water or unsweetened apple juice. I opted for the water. Cover and heat on low, for about 6-10 minutes, or until the apples are soft.
Puree until all of the apples are blended and no chunks are left. I use a Cuisinart stick hand blender. Spoon the applesauce into ice cube trays for freezing. I let these freeze for about 24 hours, then pop the cubes out and store in a freezer bag. Or if you have a hungry baby, spoon a little into a bowl for immediate serving!

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>Comin’ to you from the geriatric ward

>I am *thrilled* to have a great new accessory to wear at night. I think it will complement by retainer very nicely.

Meet the carpal tunnel syndrome hand/wrist brace. Isn’t she lovely?

For the past few weeks, I’ve been experiencing pain in my right wrist and hand. It’s gone from mild to making me shout “ouch” out loud when I grab something. I’ve noticed it when washing bottles, driving, picking up the girls, even adjusting my pillow before I go to sleep. I called my Dr., and he suggested trying this brace out for 2 weeks at night to see if it helps.

$20 and no office visit? Sure, I’ll try it. I just hope it works and I don’t have to go to 24/7 with this thing.
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>Hair goodness

>** Edited to add … here is the company. It’s called Davines.

I finally had a much needed haircut yesterday. Next week is color. I know everyone is glad so they can quit counting grey hairs. Or maybe that was just me. I had to stop plucking them because I was worried about a bald spot!

My salon has a new product line that I had tried the last time I was there, but broke down yesterday and bought some to try at home. It was a bit of a splurge … I’ve already warned Hubby not to touch it … but it makes your hair feel and smell amazing. I rationalized this, because let’s face it … working from home + 2 babies = not washing my hair every day.

The things I like best about it are that it’s all natural products that are good for your hair, it comes in great glass packaging, and it really does make my hair feel soft and look shiny. Plus, it smells great. Oh, and did I mention that it’s made in Italy so I can label the glass bottle “fragile” and go around saying “fra-gil-ay.”

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>Easily distracted

>Working from home has definitely been a new adventure for me. There are always plenty of distractions, but most don’t seem to bother me.

Sure, I do try to tune in to Martha Stewart at 11AM, but I usually end up only halfway listening/watching. A new magazine may come in the mail that I really want to read, but I can usually get by with flipping through a few pages, and of course there is always something to clean. It is much harder to not straighten and clean all day when you are in your own home spotting dust bunnies or marveling at your clutter. Facebook is my big time killer … I have use restraint not to log on while I’m working.

But my true distraction … this great weather that we’ve been having. I’m not complaining. There is no need to stay holed up inside if you can be outdoors, especially since I’m sure this weather will turn cold again. On these days in the 70’s (Hello, February!) I don’t miss working in an office one bit. No free candy from the office candy jar beats taking a walk at 3PM to enjoy the sunshine.
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