>I’m still here … I’ll give you the Cliff Notes version of the past few days.

– Two 10-hour car rides.
– Two visits to Cracker Barrel and Denny’s. *I swear, these places aren’t on my top 10 list, but were awesome places to stop and feed the girls … they brought us hot water for bottles and didn’t care if we spilled 900 cheerios on the floor. Well, since Hubby’s a good tipper, I don’t think they cared.
– A 13.1 mile run for Hubby, who beat his previous time at this race.
– A 8 mile + 2.5 mile run for me. Long story … I was supposed to run 10 miles to train for my half-marathon, but ran out of sidewalk (longer story), so I had to break it up into two runs.
– Lots of 80+ degree weather.
– Two nights away from sweet baby girls in a nice hotel, with a king bed, and fluffy pillows, without sweet baby girls, with a Starbucks in the hotel lobby. This is when I wish we had Grandparents in the same city.
– A wonderful dinner with old and new friends.
– A crazy family dinner with yummy food and lots of laughs.
– Picnic lunches, complete with bubbles for the girls by my parents. I really think this was so my Mom didn’t have to continually pick up food off her floor.
– A tooth for Maddy!

>Two months to cake!


Every month I take Maddy and Libby’s “chair” picture, on the 21st of the month to document another month of their lives. I blatantly stole this idea from Goddess in Progress. Well, up until today, it had always gone swimmingly. Today, not so much.

We started off with some that looked like this.

That stopped working rather quickly and I became too scared to keep snapping, and decided to put them on the floor.
Well, that didn’t work out and crawling ensued.

Maybe we’ll try again later with straps, or duct tape! Oh, and can anyone tell me where the past 10 months have gone!?

>Interesting article

>Oh, I loved this article about the Comic Sans font. It just always seemed to me like this font was the one that came free with your Microsoft Word software … it was just different enough to stand out from Times New Roman and Arial, and it always seemed that it was getting overused.

I think my personal favorite overuse of Comic Sans was one of my former coworkers who used this font as her email signature. If that doesn’t scream unprofessional, then I don’t know what does. I guess dress it up with some blinking pink neon and you’ll be all set.

>Can you tell?


Can you tell what I thought of my tendonitis diagnosis earlier today?

I have to wear this lovely 24/7, with the exception of baths. Wish I had time to take those long hour long bubble baths now. It basically holds everything “rigid” and “rested” so I won’t continue to hurt my gentle little tendons. Oh, I must have small wrists, because the size small brace was too big, so this one was custom made. You would think I would have had a better selection of colors. I opted for black bands so they wouldn’t show dirt. Nothing says “ewwww” like a sweet-potato stained hand/wrist brace.

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On my way to the park for a run this evening, I noticed the following …

A platinum-blond driving a Jag, wearing big ol’ black sunglasses, talking with her fake french-manicured hands, while sporting leopard print fuzzy dice on the rear view mirror. I swear it looked just like Kim from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Then, I was coming to a stoplight and I let a guy out in front of me. He waved and I waved back. Wish I would have made him wait after I saw his truck window decal of a nudie girl. Nice. Wonder what his wife thinks. Or his Mom. Do guys think that this will get them a date?
“Ooh, lookie there Martha … that guy has a nudie girl on the back of his truck! Drive faster, I gotta check him out!”

Then on my way into the park, I noticed a sign stating that Registered Sex Offenders were not allowed inside the park. Well, great … because is there a check-in for those registered sex offenders so they will politely be asked to leave? If so, I think I missed it. Just a little creepy, because unless this is just some sort of state law, I bet it means that they have had a problem in the past.

I guess you could say I might be reconsidering my city for a moment! Maybe I should take that Facebook quiz to see where I should be living.

>Busy weekend and Happy Easter


It has been a busy weekend … On Friday, Maddy and Libby came along to file their first taxes(they said yay for tax deductions) and took a much needed trip to the grocery. They are excited about orzo pasta, kiwi fruit and pears. On Saturday, they went on a 9-mile trail run with Dad, (I ran 8, but Hubby pushed the stroller 9 miles, up and down big hills.), then went to an Easter Egg hunt and an dinner with a few friends. Today, we went to about half of our church service, visited the nursery for the other half, checked out Easter baskets, then traveled to visit Grandparents, had another Easter Egg hunt, then traveled back home. Whew.

I hope you all enjoyed a Happy Easter with your loved ones.
Maddy visited Libby in her crib.
I hope there are some sunglasses in those baskets!

Maddy likes to shake-it, shake-it.

This egg hunting is serious business.


>Is it in bad taste when my doorbell rings at 12 noon to hug the person, kiss them, and dance around like a crazy person? I guess it would be different if I really knew this person, but it’s my cleaning lady who is coming for our first “official” cleaning.

I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. I have days that I feel like I should be able to keep our house as clean as I would like, but in reality … it just isn’t happening.

The fact that instead of scrubbing a toilet or mopping a floor, I can use that time to love on my girls, do a little work, talk to my husband, or actually think about making something for dinner and that makes me insanely happy. There. I said it.

>I’m that girl

>If you happened to be in my neighborhood this morning, that was me. Yes, I was the one huffin’ and puffin’ behind the orange BOB stroller, pushing nearly 40 pounds of baby + 23 pounds (the weight of the stroller.) There were times that I thought I might lose a lung, but it was OK. I ran about 3.25 miles and did walk most of the hills, but I am feeling like a real woman right now.