>Show Me Your …


I’m playing along again with Kelly Korner’s thousands of followers with her Show Me … Your Wedding Party & Flowers/Ceremony.  It’s been fun to look back at these photos.

Before the ceremony with my girls.  I’ve known all of them since nursery  or elementary school and still talk to them all on a regular basis.  I also went to college with and was in the same sorority with the top two.  I went to grad school, lived with, and traveled to Yellowstone with the one sitting beside me.  Good ol’ days!
    Sadly, we now all live in different cities, 
but talk or Facebook on a regular basis and try to see each other whenever possible.  

Here is a photo of our flowers.  Pre-kids, I could tell you what the type of roses were, but I don’t remember anymore.  My bouquet was mainly white hydrangea and green berries.  My bridesmaids’ bouquets were mainly the roses and berries.  

Here is a photo from our ceremony.  Due to a wedding miscommunication between our wedding coordinator and photographer, she was made to stop shooting.  Ugh.  So frustrated that it happened, but what do you do?  This is the church that we belong to and we absolutely love it.  At least we were all listening to our Pastor as he was giving his sermon.  Our church has some neat history as Charlton Heston was married there!

Praying during ceremony.

I loved these little wreaths that reserved the family rows.  I think that’s Uncle Bill either nodding off or deep in prayer.  Probably the former.

The string quartet playing before the wedding and our arrangement that we had at the church.  It was the same roses as the bridesmaids, bells of Ireland, and I’m sure some other flower that I can’t remember now!
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>Daily Musings Thursday


I went through my undergarments drawer and pulled out any bra that no longer fit, was a nursing bra, or was a jog bra that rubbed or chaffed.  I did the same with underwear .  That left me with about one bra that really fit well, and three jog bras that fit well, and a handful of underwear.  I purchased four new bras so I now have a nice variety of bras that fit, and new undies.  I did allow myself to keep one strapless bra, and the red lacy number that I bought in Paris.  Not that either really get worn, but you never know when you may need them. 
These Nike tempo track shorts are my new favorite.  No riding, no pulling, just sheer running bliss.  I always think they look good on everyone else, so hopefully they are doing the same for my legs.  I was concerned about thigh rubbage, but I wore them on a 9-miler and they were fine.

How is it that I always keep getting conditioner in my ear?  This seems to have happened in the last couple of weeks, and I notice it when I’m going to dry my hair.  Yuck.  Have I forgotten how to apply conditioner in the shower?

When I go into to get Maddy and Libby out of their cribs after naptime, they are usually standing up in the cribs and “talking.”  I normally say hello, good morning, good afternoon or whatever appropriate greeting.  I open up the blinds, smooth their messy hair, and let them wake up.  If they take after me, they may need a couple of minutes to wake up after a good nap.  The funniest thing to me is that I can usually say “Two little monkeys jumping in the bed”, and as if on cue, Libby starts jumping in the crib and laughing.  Maddy just normally looks like me like I’m silly.  And who said twins don’t have different personalities?
So, what’s new with you?

>Whattya think?

>I wish I could get the images the same size, but can you tell a huge difference in the two sofas shown below? Other than the couple of thousand dollars difference?

Does anyone know a way to keep two black labs from rubbing up against sofas? Beside using strategically placed sofa tables, chairs, electric fencing? Just kidding. I think.

Both are slipcovered, so they could be easily cleaned, and both are approximately the same size. One is from one of those stores that you typically want everything that you see on their shelves, and the other is one of those stores that I don’t think I realized they even sell furniture.

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>Eat, drink, and repeat

>We’ve been taking the girls to free concerts that take place in our city the past few weekends.  It’s a great way for us to socialize with our friends, enjoy some music, and a little picnic.  It’s also a good time for the girls to get out and socialize and they love that there are new people to watch, grass to touch, oh and snacks to eat.  I think they eat from the time we arrive to the time we leave.

 Oh, I miss my bottle.
Shoveling in food.
More snacks
New things that they have been doing lately …
  • While on the picnics, grabbing the container of fruit when their plates are empty as if to tell me to “hurry up, already.”
  • Making the “mmm, mmm, mmm” sound when they see the alphabet crackers aka cookies.
  • Maddy slaps the tray of her highchair when she sees me coming with strawberries.  They love them and literally eat fistfuls at a time.
  • Enjoying fresh fruits and veggies.  They love plums, pluots, mangoes, kiwi, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, etc.  I try to find new fruits to buy just to watch them gobble them up.  Oh, my neighbor came around the following day after the Indian giver incident and brought us a boatload of tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers.  Maybe he reads my blog! 
  • Libby has been making a “guh” sound when she sees the doGs.  I think it must be her way of saying “dog” and she’s picking up on the G sound.
  • Libby has taken a couple of unassisted steps about three different times.  
  • Maddy hasn’t ventured with the walking just yet, but looks so funny when I see her just standing in the middle of the room.
  • They each have five teeth and Maddy is currently cutting two more (one on top, one on the bottom).  Libby is definitely showing all signs of cutting more, but I don’t see anything at the surface just yet.
  • Operation Sippy Cup  
Operation Sippy Cup has gone OK. We are one week without any bottles and while they don’t drink nearly as much as they used to, we haven’t had any major meltdowns.  They probably have gone from drinking over 24 ounces of milk a day to between 7-10 ounces a day.  Our Pediatrician would like to see this more around 20 ounces a day (including yogurt & cheese.)  I’m anxious to get them to drink more milk, but there’s only so much forcing you can do to a 13-month-old.
I did buy a different kind of cup that I hadn’t seen in stores.  It’s called the Tilty Cup.  The first time they used it, you could tell that they were able to drink their milk so much easier. The cup is designed so the child doesn’t have to tilt their head back as far and it has no valve, so the fluid flows much easier.  Genius!  My only complaint is that when these cups get dropped, the lid normally comes right off.  Zeus didn’t mind, as he got to drink several ounces of milk from the floor, but I wish there was a better way to keep this lid secure.   So, I’m going to start trying the Tilty with water and not in the highchair so it’s less likely to get dropped from several feet in the air.  Tilty, any safety latch mechanism you can add?
Summer is flying by and my babies are growing up way too fast.  I swear I look at them some mornings and I just know they have grown overnight.  Sigh.

>Wedding Dress

>I’m playing along with Kelly’s Korner, Show Us Your Life and today’s theme is posting your wedding dress.

I might as well get a little more use of it, so here goes.

Here we are in the church parlor, trying to get it down. That is me (with the veil) and my BFF and one of my Matron of Honors, Mad About Plaid Girl.

I think my feet are under there!

Leaving the church after our ceremony. You can’t tell I was excited, can you?
Posing for a shot after the ceremony.
Dancing with Hubby for our first dance as Mr. and Mrs.

It took me a while to find my dress. I first tried it on at a boutique that is no longer open and broke out in hives. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing, but my friend D., who had gone with me assured me it was. I felt like I tried on every other dress available trying to see if I could find one that I loved as much as my own.

It was designed by Marisa and was pretty simple, with the exception of the crystals and pearls that embellished at the waist. The dress was heavy, and full, and had a long train that I ended up getting dirty before the ceremony. Oh well … it seemed like a huge deal at the time, but it never mattered. It’s now safely stored and I would love if Maddy or Libby decided to wear it one day.

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>What does it mean?

>I met my group affectionately known as the “crazy running girls” this morning, 5:45 AM to be exact.  We ran our 4.5 mile route, talked about life, solved world problems, complained about hills and humidity, discussed birthday cakes, and made it back to our cars.

While we were stretching, one of my running buddies looked down at me and said, “You’re shirt is on inside out!”
All I could do is laugh since I had run the whole way and never noticed.
Do you think it’s because:
A) I run at 5:45 AM and am too sleepy to even notice if I’m wearing a shirt, let alone if it’s on the right way.
B) I often get dressed in the dark so as not to disturb sleeping Hubby and sleeping babies.
C) I had forgotten to lay out a shirt the night before, so I had to sneak into the closet to grab one off the shelf to wear.  
D) All of the above.
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>What to do, what to do.

>Wasn’t it just last year that I was pimping myself out to the Internet to find a job? Well, guess what? It’s that time again

I am still currently employed, but found out that my job will be coming to a close at the end of the year. I appreciate the advance notice, but I just can’t ignore this feeling like a huge rock in my stomach every day.

My current job is part-time and from home and is honestly, almost perfect. Unfortunately, my company is facing some serious competition near where we are headquartered, so they have realigned the entire marketing budget/efforts and will be cutting 4 positions, including mine. They employ several people who do what I do, but in different markets across the US.  The good thing and bad thing about my company … they are small enough to make quick decisions.

And as many of you know, our state unemployment rates seem to do nothing but climb.

I also work in marketing and if any of you are searching in that particular category, you know what kind of jobs you typically find.

Um, no. I’d rather not get dropped off in a neighborhood and hawk magazine subscriptions for a living.

Um, no again. I don’t want to pay you equal monthly installments of $129.99 to give me a “job.” 

Not that I have anything against Avon, but how did this end up in the marketing category?

So, here I am. Trying to be positive and continue to do a good job for my company for the rest of the year.

I’m faced with … trying to decide if I’m really ready to go back to the days (if I can find a job) of 40+ hours a week, nice pointy-toed shoes, office coffee and office politics, and hopefully a rewarding job in marketing/pr. After all, my resume now looks more than spotty after 4 layoffs in the last 10 years.  Plus, it means that I have to leave two pint-sized “bosses” with someone else for 8+ hours a day.  I also have to factor in paying for care for those two pint-sized bosses. 

Or, could lightning really strike twice and I could find something that would be part-time, flexible, and give me time with the girls, but also time to turn on my brain in only a way that gainful employment does?  I just don’t know if it’s possible.  

Or, could I really be a full-time SAHM? Would I really be good at this? Do I have the sanity to do this? Can we afford this? Then if I wanted to go back to work when the girls are in school, and after 4 years of staying at home, would anyone really hire me?

I know that I have a while to think about this, but if I were to go back to work full-time, we would have to line up childcare.  Currently, I use a sitter service when I need it, but it would be way too cost prohibitive to use 40+ hours a week.  The childcare situation here, like so many other areas is highly competitive and we are still on waiting lists from when I was pregnant and still haven’t received calls that our spots are open.   I really don’t think I want to be back in the full-time arena yet and I also think that I’m not 100% suited for a full-time SAHM position either.

Clearly why my current job is perfect for me and I don’t want it to change.  Can I just cross my arms and pout and someone will make it stay the same?

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>Feeling like Kanye

>Ok, so maybe it’s a stretch, but when he sings/raps about “Does anyone make real shi* anymore?”, I felt like I could have asked “Does anyone give real customer service anymore?” when I was at my former bank today.

Hubby and I married in 2005 and had four bank accounts between us. We actually added another when we bought our house in 2007, but were still doing all of our banking separately. It drove me crazy, but much like the gift that Hubby has that he never balances his checkbook at all, but pretty much knows how much money is in his account at any given time.

We had finally decided to consolidate our accounts, move our direct deposits, and close the other accounts. I deemed myself “banker in charge” of the household and I now have a special drawer for any receipts and bills.

So, we went to close out two of our accounts today and receive a check so we could move this money into our savings account.

So, we wait … and wait for the personal banking lady to come out and see us. We get a VP who takes us back and asks how she can help us.

We tell her that we need to close our accounts and get a check.

The only thing she really ever asked was, “Are you sure you need to close the account? We hate to close accounts.” Never did she ask why we were closing (or we would have told her because of all of your new monthly fees), or even try to give us a sales pitch to get us to stay.

It just irks me, because I’ve been with this particular bank for over 15 years. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned or trying to live like it was the 1950’s, but shouldn’t businesses at least act like they care about you? Especially with the given economy?

And if it weren’t for my addiction with online banking, I may just resort back to sticking my money under the mattress!