>Observations at the gym

>1. When it’s near 6PM and you see that the parking lot is packed with cars, why do you either bother going to the big lot? Just go to the smaller lot that will cause you to walk a few more steps because circling the parking lot like a shark isn’t going to make a parking spot appear any quicker. Oh, and after all … aren’t you at the gym to get a little exercise?

2. There were quite a few “extreme” runners there tonight. When I say extreme, I mean they had the treadmill cranked to the point that I thought they might fly off the back. I don’t know if it was some kind of interval training, but the guy by me kept doing this off and on, for about 5 minutes at a time.

3. If you plan on walking on the treadmill, it might be wise to bring a pair of pants that are a), not too large and b) not too long. When you have to stop and roll up your sweatpants, then pull on them every few minutes, it usually makes for an awkward stint on the treadmill. Oh, and while you’re at it, put your hat on straight. Did I just sound like a Grandpa or what?

I promise that I really try to go to the gym, do my workout, and get out of there. I’m really not checking people out that closely, but why do I always find myself trapped by people like #2 and #3? I forgot to mention my guy from last week who was “boxing” while running on the treadmill. Cue the Rocky music now …


>I just got transported back to Middle School


and I think I like it.

Look what the new Lands End Canvas website has!

Tretorns!I remember having a pair of white on white Tretorns, but also a pair with plaid. Loved them.

They also have anklet socks with the pom-pom on the back. I remember having these too.
Plus, all kinds of casual, classic clothes, bathing suits, canvas tote bags, and accessories at reasonable prices. Definitely worth a look.

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>Uncharted waters

>I did something that I have never done before. In my life, or for atleast as long as I’ve been doing laundry on my own.

You can ask any roommate or Hubby.

I dried my jeans. (insert gasp here.)

Ok, ok … so it may not be any big deal, but it was for me. I have had a no jean drying rule for as long as I can remember. I guess I’ve always had a big paranoia that I was going to shrink my good fitting jeans. At least by not drying them, I always knew what was causing my jeans to fit a little bit tight. Chips and queso, Maxie B’s lady raspberry cake, Chubby Hubby ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s.

So, just like the Missy Elliot songs says, “Lost a few pounds in my waist for ya.” Well, it really isn’t anything at all like the Missy Elliot song, but I have lost a few pounds and my jeans kept sagging. So, I’m hoping that this little trip to the dryer will help my SJS, (saggy jean syndrome).

>I feel pretty …

>Oh so pretty …

Especially when I have a new Fuel Belt bottle with a pink holder, plus it has a fancy-dancy pocket!
I loved my old one for long runs, oh who am I kidding, I typically carry mine on any run I do. But, it didn’t have a pocket and it always seemed like a waste of space when there is room to add one.

So, I can definitely pack a Gu for a long run, and even two Gu’s.
I may have a hard time cramming the Gu Chomps in the pocket, unfortunately. I’m sure it can be MacGuyvered somehow.CrackBerry can’t come along for a ride.But, my keys, inhaler,and chapstick all could. Did I mention it’s pink … and it was 20% off because I bought it at a ladies night event?

>Thinking about …


  • That plain, old-fashioned Cheerios and milk still taste good.
  • Sunday afternoon naps are perfect when it’s rainy out, you’re under a blanket, and there’s some senseless reality TV show playing in the background.
  • Even when I really don’t want to go, there’s nothing like a long run to lift my spirits.
  • Hubby received a Tervis Tumbler for Christmas and I may have to steal it for my own. Or hint around that a larger one with lid, straw, and my monogram would make a great gift. Hint, hint.

>Alone on my little island

>Am I the only one in America (and possibly beyond) that just doesn’t like American Idol? I have never watched an entire season and really have no desire. Sure, I can appreciate good singers and I’ll give a shout out to the many North Carolinians who have done very well on the show.

But, I just don’t get the infatuation.

I will say that I do like Kristin Chenoweth, so when Hubby has it on, I’ll at least turn my head to see what she’s saying. After all, if you can belt it out on Broadway as Glinda the Good Witch, then you have an idea of what makes a good singer.

So, I’ll just stay on my little island watching some other bad TV show.


>I was talking to my Mom recently about a Historical society event she attended in our hometown. For the few of you who know her, you will say, “What was Patty doing at the meeting?” Well, I will say that she’s lived in this city her entire life, so she probably is interested in the history and knows some of it herself. Then she told me during the meeting, all she was thinking about were the cucumber and pimento cheese sandwiches that they were serving following the meeting. I guess my Dad would have been much better suited for attending.

She talked to two women after the meeting. One that she knows well, and the other that she knew in her childhood, but hasn’t really seen in many years.

The woman (that my Mom hasn’t seen in many years) said two things early in their conversation that made it awkward, but also somewhat funny after the fact. To my Mom, “Well, you’re certainly all grown up.” To the other woman, “I didn’t recognize you with your hair!”

Both statements were just weird and inappropriate and it made me think about the power of words. We use them so quickly these days (email, Facebook, our blogs, etc) and they can often be misconstrued. We also seem to use them too quickly in person, too.

Like the person who said to me, “I was shocked to see you listed as our President-Elect.” Ummm, thank you? How do you answer that, politely?

Yes, I am the official President-Elect-Elect (awful PEE acronym) for the Junior League in my city. It is a huge honor. I was thrilled to be asked, and I look forward to serving and working with our incredible members.

I try to use a rule that I learned from a PR professional when being interviewed by the Media. I think that this can be used in so many areas of our lives and not just on TV interviews. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still answer honestly, just think about what you say for 3 seconds before you actually say it.

Take a few seconds before you answer the question and once you answer, shut up. Most people don’t like the silence and will ramble. That’s when you end up sounding like a dumbass in an interview and that’s what the reporter will likely use in their article or sound byte.

>Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery …

>Since I write about Target nearly every week, I thought I would share another story with you.

I went through their shoe aisle the other day and noticed what from a distance looked like a pair of gold Bonnano sandals! I knew this was obviously too good to be true, but I still checked them out and took out my phone to take a picture.
They are the Merona brand and retail for $19.99.

At first, I didn’t know how I felt … it was as if they had ripped off the Bonanno sandal completely. But, I’m sure that every top designer’s styles end up on all of the mass retailers shelves at some point. To me it would be worse if these were on a street corner in Palm Beach trying to be passed off as the real thing.

So, don’t be surprised if you suddenly see an increase in gold “Bonnano” wearing ladies in your city this summer. And, just to set the record straight, you cannot beat the handmade, classic beauties of the real Bonnanos and I’m sure that these are nowhere near the quality of the original. My Bonnanos are by far the most comfortable sandal I own and they can literally be paired with almost anything. I’m always excited for the first warm days when I can unpack them for another season.

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>A break in our regularly scheduled programming …

>We had a great weekend – two surprise 40th birthday parties for two good friends. We were scheduled to attend our nephew’s 16th birthday party today, but those plans came to a screeching halt around 8AM this morning.

Maddy and Libby had woken up around 7:30 and Hubby brought them downstairs for breakfast. Maddy had no interest in her food and he noticed that she was having a hard time breathing. We called our Pediatrician’s office and talked to the triage nurse for a while. Instead of telling us to come to the office when it opened, she told us to go to the E.R.


I called a friend in our neighborhood who luckily was home to see if I could drop Libby off with her. She said yes, and we packed everyone up in record time. They went in their snowman pajamas and Widgeon fleece jackets, looking a little like Christmas elves.

Kudos to our local E.R. We had barely taken our seat in the waiting room and they brought us back. After an Oxygen check, rectal temperature check, a serious nose suctioning, a breathing treatment, and Chest Xrays, Maddy was one pooped girl. She took turns sleeping on our chests maybe drinking about 2 sips of water. It was truly pitiful.

After her labs came back, we found out that she has RSV. It is also extremely contagious, so we have been in Clorox / Lysol mode, disinfecting and taking away any toys that they typically put in their mouths, and wiping everything down with these super duper anti bacterial wipes that they gave us from the Hospital. From what they told us, it will last for about 5 days and we are hoping that Libby won’t also get sick, but only time will tell. She currently has a bit of a runny nose, didn’t eat much for dinner, but was still playful, and as my Mom would say, didn’t have that sick look in her eyes.

Maddy took a good 3 hour nap when we got back home and has gone from eating a little and playing a little, to wanting “up” so she can snuggle. Even though the circumstances are bad, we had to enjoy the snuggle time, because Maddy normally won’t sit still long enough to give you a hug, let alone snuggle with you.

So, I think it’s safe to say that we are officially quarantined for a while and praying that we will have two well girls by the weekend.