>Mud and shiners


So, I finally found my photo cord. (In my catch all basket on top of the cabinet.)

Icky, dried on mud. It was pretty much like this on the back of both legs. Luckily, I stayed upright so this wasn’t all over me. Also note two blisters a formin’ that luckily really didn’t form. Also, a bad choice in toenail color that looks like my regular toenail color. Yuck, my feet are pretty gross. I may become one of those anti-foot people and I definitely think I have earned a nice pedicure.
Shoes, post-race. I took them off at the car and I will admit that they are still sitting in that same bag in our mud room. A little irony for you. I definitely need to hose them off, wash them, and donate them to our local running store. They in turn, donate them to Soles 4 Soles.

While we were running, Maddy and Libby were with one of our sitters. They had a great morning, but we did have a little slip & fall. Apparently, Libby cried for about 2 minutes and then shook it off. My sweet little girl did end up with about 3 bruises … one above her eye, one on her cheek, and one on her chin. She has my pale, Irish skin and it will show every bump and bruise.

Luckily, they are clearing up and my brave girl also started walking down steps today. It was the cutest thing to watch because she would throw her arms in the air, for balance I guess, as she walked down them. Of course, then Maddy had to get in on the act. I’ll try not to be “that Mom” who is worried about even more shiners now that they’ll be going up and down steps.

>KFC Pink Bucket campaign

>When I first saw a commercial promoting this, I thought it was a little crazy. But, you have to give credit for a company willing to donate 8.5 million dollars to Susan G. Komen. Plus, you can get a bucket of their grilled chicken and not get the fried stuff, even though those little crispy bits of skin sure are good.

I know they’ve caught some slack from the press about promoting fried chicken to support breast cancer, but their donation is quite generous. So, I say, get a bucket of grilled and support the cause.

>Bad blogger, bad!

>I have been a slack as of lately … did you miss me!?

So, I survived my first trail half-marathon. I had to hide the camera cord from Maddy and Libby, so as soon as I remember where I hid it, I’ll try to get a few photos up.

I did manage to remain vertical, and have fun, but it was hard. Oh, and that rain forecast? We had rain overnight and rain that morning so the trails were super muddy. We lucked out that it wasn’t raining during the run, but the very first part and last part were pure sludge. At one point, I really thought I would lose a shoe in the mud.

I definitely didn’t win any records, but I wasn’t DFL (dead freakin’ last.) I may have been 20 people away from being last, but I wasn’t last.

Other than that, I’ve just getting into the groove of work, having fun shopping at our local farmer’s market (eggs, granola, goat cheese, peonies, and gobs of strawberries), and lots of outside time with Maddy and Libby.

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> See that forecast on Sunday? See that big cloud with rain coming from it? See that 70% chance? Yuck.

Guess what I’m doing on Sunday? Running my first trail half marathon. When you go to the hourly forecast, thunderstorms are predicted at 7am and 10am. I start at 8:15 so it’s likely I’m going to be trapped on a muddy trail when a deluge sets in.

It’s bad enough that I’m a little nervous about spraining an ankle, but now the thought of running, coupled with thunderstorms is a little more than unnerving.

I’m hoping that rain comes through on Saturday and leaves us alone. Please, please, please.


>Busy week, so a bulleted list about the latest happenings.

  • Mom is doing great. She had her second round of chemo this morning. I am amazed at her strength.
  • Naked baby count this morning: one. I turned the corner to see Maddy, naked, holding her diaper.
  • Clothing changes for M&L before going to school: one each. Guess who has figured out how to work the water in door function on the refrigerator?
  • First day at work on Monday = first day of vacation. Everyone else was away at conferences, or working from home, so I basically was in the office for 1/2 hour. I did go home and do a little work, so today feels like the first day all over again.
  • Laughing that our sitter put the girls in the wrong cribs last night. When I checked on them, I thought they had been switched and it was confirmed this morning. I’m surprised they didn’t throw a fit, but I guess it was like staying in a hotel for them.
  • Loving the Lands End Canvas cardigans. Soft with a little bit of stretch.
  • Loving my rock out session to R.E.M. with M&L this morning on the drive to school. I looked in the rear view mirror and they were waving their hands and clapping to “Gardening at Night.” Good times and it made me smile all day.

>Role reversal

>My Mom is starting chemo today, and I am flying in the opposite direction of the country to attend a conference. I know she doesn’t technically need me to be there, but I can’t help feeling like I should be there. Have I reached the point in my adult life that I’m the caregiver and not the care-receiver? Probably not, but it just feels like it today.

She was happy to receive a little care package that I put together for her. Nothing too exciting because my Mom is extremely practical, but I sent her some good hand lotions, chapstick, a book about cancer that a friend of mine gave me, some anti-cancer recipes, and of course, two pictures of the lambs, AKA Maddy and Libby, and a homemade card from them.

So, now we wait. She’s ready to get started and ready to get it over with. Twelve weeks of chemo to hopefully fight this thing and win. I usually hate to wish a summer away, but this will be three months that I think we will all be glad when it’s over.

Before she’s done with chemo, I’ll start training for the Komen 3-Day. I really feel like it’s the least I can do along with support and prayers. What would be better than to see that a cure is found?

So, happy thoughts all around tomorrow and I’ll update you next week.


>I wrote a long rant about my shopping adventure at WalMart last night, but after reading it, I just felt really judgemental. I know I’m not really being judgemental since I was shopping there too, but let’s just say that there were just some very interesting characters shopping and working there last night.

I’m still in a little bit of disbelief about the entire shopping trip.

I’ll just sum it up with the fact that the clerk asked me if my coupons were coupons. Huh? What else are small, rectangular shaped pieces of paper that say “Save $1.00 on Pampers?” Isn’t there a training that covers that?

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>It has been a cheese Sunday at the D. household.

We were at the “Tahjma” Teeter on Friday night, or maybe it’s now called “Teeterdome” to pick up a few ingredients for a yummy black bean dip that I was going to make for Saturday. This still isn’t the exact recipe that I had tried years ago, but I deleted and edited enough to make it taste like the one I remember.


We had Maddy and Libby who were enjoying their 5th bread sample of the evening and we were barely even past the deli area when I saw my beloved Augusta’s Creations pimento cheese. Harris Teeter started carrying it some time ago and it is so good. It doesn’t say it on the packaging, but it’s made with Cabot cheddar, another one of my favorites. So, I had to pick up a tub of their jalapeno. Oh, it’s so good. Different than the one my Mom makes, but equally yummy.

On Saturday morning, I decided to go check out our local Farmer’s market. I didn’t get there super early so I thought I’d be OK with the stroller. I was wrong. I went to our smaller, curb market that is indoors and let’s just say that the aisles were a bit tight. Maddy and Libby had a blast, waving hi to folks, and checking out all of the goods. There I picked up another favorite, Goat Lady Dairy goat cheese. I tried the basil and garlic spreadable cheese and let’s just say that Hubby and I don’t have to worry about any vampires visiting us today.

Sadly, I don’t think GLD cheese is available much outside of our area, but I know that Augusta’s is available online, and Cabot is easy to find. Thank goodness for an 8.5 mile run today after my weekend of cheese!

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>Work it.

>Well, I was beginning to think that it really couldn’t happen, but I have somehow found a part-time job that:

a) is legit

b) doesn’t involve selling Avon

c) offers the flexibility that I wanted

I will say that I had become a little more than frustrated about the variety of marketing positions that I was finding or hearing about. I kept turning up entry level positions, or those “work from home” jobs that involve you paying someone to work. Hmmm, that just doesn’t add up.

Through a little networking, I was able to land with a great company that really seems to believe that family comes first. I’ll handle the marketing for the company, and also do some project management work, too. It’s the perfect combination and better yet, it’s part-time. Some hours in the office (which is really cool) and some at home.

So, I have a little over a week until my days of being a 9 to fiver, or a 9 to three-thirtier and I’m looking forward to it.

>Keeping it real, a little too real.

>I really, really wish that I didn’t have this story to tell.

Yesterday, I put Maddy and Libby down for their nap around 1PM. I came back downstairs and vacuumed our family room, and mopped the kitchen floor. After I finished, I checked email while waiting for the floor to dry.

Over the monitor, I could hear someone crying. It had gone from a little bit of talking to full blown crying. I broke my own cardinal rule and stepped on the wet kitchen floor so I could go upstairs and see what was wrong.

I opened their bedroom door to see Libby fast asleep and Maddy standing naked in her crib. Yes, you can probably guess what else was in the crib.

One dirty diaper, luckily with most of the contents in the diaper, but yes, there was poop elsewhere. On Maddy, on the sheets, on the blanket, on her little pillow, etc.

I got it cleaned up, sheets changed, and started a bath for Maddy. Oh yeah, and Libby is still totally sacked out through all of this. Amazing.

So, aside from the ick factor, I was thankful that she didn’t “finger paint” or anything similar. I know you’ve heard the stories. I have to wonder … could it be time for a potty, since she seems to want to strip down when she has a dirty diaper. I don’t think I’m mentally ready to start, but maybe she’s telling me that she is.

* Note: we typically use sleep sacks at night, but I usually don’t put them on for naps. Maybe I should start.
* Another note: Maddy did have on a dress and bloomers that were pretty easy to remove and she has been known to take off her PJ’s and run around after breakfast in just a diaper. She’s free spirited that way.
* Yet another note: Thank God for cute bunny pillows that have removable bunny covers that can be rescued and washed during occasions such as this.