>*Now before I get started I realize that the range of thankfulness varies greatly.

  • Mom has her last round of chemo tomorrow. She ended up only needing to have 11 treatments, so we are all glad that they are almost through. She is scheduled to have radiation, but we are all looking forward to the chemo being finished.
  • A simple summer supper of Carolina BBQ, BBQ slaw, baked beans, and one of my Mom’s twice baked potatoes.
  • Running 4.5 miles at almost a ten minute pace today. That hasn’t happened in a long time and I didn’t feel like keeling over every minute. Maybe just every five.
  • Finding awesome Southwest airline deals for our trip to New York this November. Hubby and I are both flying for roughly $200.


>Bouncy inflatable house for birthday party weekend … $200

Seeing so many friends and family (my Mom included) go down the slide and have fun … priceless.

Maddy sliding.

Me sliding.

Mom sliding.

Libby sliding.

>Midnight Mayhem

>Well, it was actually 2 AM mayhem …

I awoke last night to the sound of Zoe barking. Not her loud, someone’s at the front door bark, but short barks that didn’t stop. I stumbled out of bed to find her standing in the living room. I was actually worried that maybe our house was on fire and she was actually telling us to get out.

Then, I find Hubby sweeping the floor and noticed that our garbage was all over the floor. Apparently, she and Zeus were having a little midnight snack in our trash can. Gross. This is when I wish we had a compost pile and I didn’t have gross things like banana peels, coffee grounds, pineapple rind, avocado peels, and egg shells in my trash. Guess who’s mopping for the 3rd time this week?

No idea why she was barking unless she was just mad that Hubby was cleaning up her mess. He let them out in case they needed to do their business and we all tried to go back to sleep.

That’s when Maddy woke up, but luckily it was short lived. After tossing and turning for about an hour, I finally fell asleep. When my alarm went off at 5AM so I could go on a run, I promptly turned that sucker off to catch more zzzz’s.

>Two years ago


I know I’ve been saying this every few months for the last two years, but I really am still in shock that Maddy and Libby are (insert age here)! Today, I am still in disbelief that they are 2! Where did my babies go and who replaced them with independent toddlers?
I looked back at the blog and read what I posted the day after they were born, as well as the posts I wrote last year that talked about the days leading up to and the day of their birth.

6 days old. Maddy – Libby

I heard someone say that days with children are long, but the years go by in a flash and I understand that now. Every day, Maddy and Libby do things that make me smile (calling each other sister, giving kisses, feeding the baby doll “bites” of food, playing chase with each other and running around the room), but they also do things that make me lose my patience (running away from me at an outdoor shopping center, not sitting down in the bathtub, throwing Cheerios on the floor.)

They have brought more to my life than I really ever imagined or thought possible. I truly had no idea how having children would change me, but it has.

Happy Birthday, Madeline Kate. You are my first-born, my spider monkey, my mischievous peanut, and my sweet girl. You are curious and constantly trying to figure things out and how they work. I sometimes think that your goal in life is to find a warm lap and someone to read you a book. You like to snuggle at night and listen to stories, but lately we don’t get much snuggling time because you are too busy. When someone holds you, you hold on tight with your arms and legs and have figured out how to not get put down – you just hold your legs up so they will continue to hold you.

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Lucy. You are my second-born, my giggler, my chatty-cathy, and my little leader. You are talkative, friendly, and funny. You love your books, and definitely have an opinion about which book to read, which cup to use, or which pants to wear. You still enjoy snuggling at night, giving sweet kisses, but sometimes when I ask for a kiss, I’m promptly told “no.”

I can’t even beging to imagine what this year will hold for us. Potty training? Big girl beds? Trigonometry? I look forward to experiencing everything and learning from you and teaching you, all at the same time.



>Random Thursday Ramblings


  • Our upstairs AC went out yesterday. Luckily, we have a guest room and two cribs still set up downstairs. Just last week I mentioned to Hubby that we should probably take down the downstairs cribs. Thank goodness we didn’t get right on that task over the weekend.
  • I came downstairs this morning to find Libby sitting on top of our table, and Maddy sitting in one of the chairs, checking out the laptop. Nearly 2 = super busy and curious.
  • Talk of marathons was heard on my run today. One of the girls in our group has run one full, and is training for another. Apparently, several others are debating running the Disney Marathon in January. I was thinking of possibly putting a full on my list, but for Fall of 2012 … not January of 2011. Hmmmm
  • Greek yogurt with blueberries is my new love.
  • I really need a manicure and pedicure, but no time to go. I wish someone would make house calls! So my invention would be a house call person who will change your car’s oil, fill your gas tank, give you a mani/pedi, and deliver your groceries. Where’s my business plan or my personal assistant!?

>high fructose corn syrup = crack

>Why is it that I have a kitchen full of bananas, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, grapes, blackberries, and peaches and I am choosing to stick my hand into the bag of Starburst? Multiple times? Then hiding the wrappers in the mud room garbage can?

Plus, the Starburst are inside another bag that is tied in a knot and I have to untie the knot just to get into the bag.

So, my theory is that high fructose corn syrup + the taste of the rainbow, (wait … that’s Skittles) are = crack.


>8 mile run with Maria
Pit-stop in Food Lion (don’t ask)
Ice cold gatorade and water balloons, post run
Farmers Market for blackberries, peaches, and eggs
2nd Breakfast of the day ~greek yogurt, granola, and blackberries
Trip to the pool
Naps for the under 2 age group
Cleaning of the catch-all basket where I found credit cards that expired in 2006 that are in my maiden name. Clean much?
Playing around with blogger’s new template … what do you think?
Bill paying
Clothes washing
Birthday party weekend planning … somehow one party is turning into two. Have I told you who this party is for? (Hint: They aren’t turning 2!)
Now pondering dinner …


>I think most of you know that I’m part of my local Junior League and we recently held our leadership retreat. It was a great weekend of bonding, learning, laughing, and pondering the future of our organization.

We were asked to fill out a short survey that will later be published in our local magazine as an introduction of our 2010-11 leadership team.

One of the questions is “What are you passionate about?”

I had quickly filled in so many other answers … family, children, education, hobbies, favorite holiday tradition, but this one made me stop in my tracks.

What am I truly passionate about?

I have many “things” that I feel passionate about, but so many of them aren’t serious enough to include in this survey. Chocolate mint ice cream, Nike tempo running shorts, my CHI flat iron, a great night-time moisturizer, a good glass of wine, and a leisurely dinner where you can talk for 3 hours.

I’m passionate about my children, my family, my friends, and my faith, but isn’t everyone?

Some people are passionate about their favorite sports teams, their cars, or their lawn. While some of those resonate with me, I can’t say that they get me out of bed in the morning.

I’m passionate about trying to give my children the best experience and start to their lives that I can. Whether this is through teaching, loving, or just having fun, I hope that they will look back on their childhood fondly and that we will have a good, honest, trusting relationship.

There are certain experiences that I’ve had that made me passionate. I’m passionate about premature birth prevention & research, finding a cure for breast cancer, suicide prevention, rights for people with disabilities, but I can’t say that I stand up every day and “preach” about these things … my passion is much more quiet, and more internalized. I guess I find myself wondering if passion should be quiet.

I have found that it’s OK for your passions to change, develop, and grow over the years. Thank goodness I grew out of my passion for Cabbage Patch Kids, ESPRIT tee shirts, puffy stickers, and paint pens. Thank goodness I didn’t grow out of my passions for books, writing, or running. My career used to be my #1 passion, and while it’s still important, my priorities have definitely changed.

So, what are you passionate about? Do you wear your passions on your sleeve or would I have to get to know you to truly understand your passions?

>Books …

>I picked up a couple of books last week. Thanks so much for your suggestions.

One is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. My book club is reading it and we meet next week, so I better get to reading.

The one that I have actually started and don’t want to put down is One and the Same that Laura C. recommended. WOW. This is an eye opener for anyone with direct relation to twins, whether you are a twin, have twins, or just are friends of twins. It is written by an identical twin, and even though I’m only on the second chapter, I know this will be one that will stay on my bookshelf to refer to for many more years.