>Books …

>I picked up a couple of books last week. Thanks so much for your suggestions.

One is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. My book club is reading it and we meet next week, so I better get to reading.

The one that I have actually started and don’t want to put down is One and the Same that Laura C. recommended. WOW. This is an eye opener for anyone with direct relation to twins, whether you are a twin, have twins, or just are friends of twins. It is written by an identical twin, and even though I’m only on the second chapter, I know this will be one that will stay on my bookshelf to refer to for many more years.


2 thoughts on “>Books …

  1. >I didn't recommend it but everyone in the twin world loves it! Can't wait to read it! I might have to buy my own copy, I was just hoping to wait until it came out in paperback. I am weird that way.Heads up – Girl with Dragon Tattoo has some really brutal violence in it. Good writing but I wish someone had warned me about the violence.

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