>Random Thursday Ramblings


  • Our upstairs AC went out yesterday. Luckily, we have a guest room and two cribs still set up downstairs. Just last week I mentioned to Hubby that we should probably take down the downstairs cribs. Thank goodness we didn’t get right on that task over the weekend.
  • I came downstairs this morning to find Libby sitting on top of our table, and Maddy sitting in one of the chairs, checking out the laptop. Nearly 2 = super busy and curious.
  • Talk of marathons was heard on my run today. One of the girls in our group has run one full, and is training for another. Apparently, several others are debating running the Disney Marathon in January. I was thinking of possibly putting a full on my list, but for Fall of 2012 … not January of 2011. Hmmmm
  • Greek yogurt with blueberries is my new love.
  • I really need a manicure and pedicure, but no time to go. I wish someone would make house calls! So my invention would be a house call person who will change your car’s oil, fill your gas tank, give you a mani/pedi, and deliver your groceries. Where’s my business plan or my personal assistant!?

5 thoughts on “>Random Thursday Ramblings

  1. >A couple of comments!When I did my full marathon, I did all my training in SF then ran it in LA. That was a huge mistake. I was used to running, hydrating, eating, etc at SF temps and then had to run 20 degrees warmer in LA. I swore I would never do that again then I did it again this year when I did all my half training in NC and ran that half in AZ. I made it but I felt like COMPLETE ASS at the end. Whereas the one I ran here in March, I felt awesome at the end. Something to think about. I'm not saying don't do it, just something to think about.And when I was pregnant and on bed rest and Jon was traveling for work and we had NO family within a 15 hour drive, I hired a place in Raleigh called The Other Woman. They do whatever you want them to do. My list was always crazy – babyproof the outlets, go to the grocery store, pick up library books. You basically hire them for 4 hours and they work on your list.

  2. >I love the Disney races but I will admit that I'm not sure it would be best if you want your family to watch. You have to be up really early in the morning for it, and depending on where you stay, they'd have to take a bus or monorail in order to see you on the course. But it is a great excuse to go to Florida in January!

  3. >The Disney race experience is quite a thing. They're huge, but well-organized and exciting and fun and upbeat. Obviously I have never run anything close to a marathon, but I was there for the half-marathon weekend this year and it was a blast (even my little 5K!). They really do it up.

  4. >the decision about a marathon in January is an easy one because one of your running buddies will only be 6 months post partum. Fall 2011is much more doable. 😉 But now I see you put Fall 2010. Typo?

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