Dramatic reading of Brown Bear, Brown Bear


les fleurs

Funky, but pretty farmer’s market flowers that were on the tables for our first Junior League meeting of the year.

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My husband posted a photo to Facebook of myself, Maddy, and Libby all asleep on the sofa today. He must have had a memory lapse that he falls asleep sitting up about 5/7 nights. Revenge will be mine.

Let’s just say that the first night in big girl bed’s was as tiring as any night with newborn twins. Here’s to hoping that tonight is better.


This picture shows Libby’s mad hopping skills, Maddy’s cheesy grin, but what it doesn’t show is a power struggle to wear shoes and not sandals, not wanting to walk in the “dirt”, and an early morning dance routine to “I Love A Rainy Night.”

baby steps

Instead of rambling about how I haven’t blogged in two months, I thought I would just start back with baby steps. Literally. Pictures, think lots of pictures.

Training for another half marathon or two. I couldn’t do it without my running girls, especially those that push me through eight hard miles on a Saturday morning, or get me out of bed for a 5:45 AM run to in the darkness.

Even though I don’t have a coolio iPhone, I can use the coolio retro camera app on my Droid that I heart as much as an iPhone.