Princess shoes

Make everything better.



These past few days have been perfection in my opinion … the crisp temperatures, the bright sun warm by afternoon, falling leaves, and Halloween decorations on nearly every house in our neighborhood.

I’ve also been fortunate to have my days filled with many of my favorites:
a great early morning 13-mile run with my favorite running girls, an early evening date with my Hubby that started with a great Cabernet, much needed adult conversation, and ended with a mushroom swiss burger, pumpkin patches, cow trains, and a huge jumping pillow with the fam, coffee breaks, skirts and boots, a quick afternoon run, Halloween candy, new running tights, a new book on my Nook, and two mornings where I slept in ’til 8.
Feeling blessed and loved.

Tired and Grumpy

Some days, I really don’t know what I would do without my running buddies. When our night before a run emails are going around and I hear rain in the forecast, am getting home at 10 pm, and have no desire to hear my alarm go off at 5:05 AM, they remind me that I really do want to go.

Sure, I don’t love getting up that early, but I love the accomplishment, the camradarie and how great I feel when it’s through.

So, here’s to a two-a-day on Thursday and another 12 miler on Saturday.

All the single ladies …

Hubby took Maddy and Libby to their 2nd birthday party of the weekend today, his Dad’s. So, after church, I have been on my own. Since part of my afternoon was already booked (the reason I didn’t go to the party), I have enjoyed my favorite “single girl dinner” of crackers, sharp cheddar, honeycrisp apple slices, and Halloween candy. No wine unfortunately, or that would have made it perfect.

So now to do a little work while the house is quiet and possibly run the much-needed vacuum cleaner.