Day 24

See Day 12.

We only have one bathroom cabinet/medicine cabinet and I don’t use it, so … here is the hall/bathroom closet.  Again.


Day 23


70 degrees – I think I can wear the.peeptoes. Who am I kidding, I have probably worn these when its 40 degrees.

Day 21

A favorite photo of you.

I just unearthed this one recently.  This was taken in the kitchen sink of the first house my parents owned.  Digging the harvest gold everything & speckled formica counters/backsplash.  I still remember when we went from harvest gold to white.

Day Nineteen

I know it doesn’t look like much, but what lurks in here is the garbage and recycling bins.

I don’t mind the throwing it in there part, but I hate the throwing it away, changing the bag, cleaning the gunk that misses the trash can part.  Lucky for me, most of the time, Hubby is the designated garbage-taker-outer.


Inside my closet.

Since my clothes closet is scary, I opted for our hall closet.

This is a little tray and bottles from Anthropologie that I love.  A few perfume bottles and antique hair barrettes always make me smile when I open the door.