MCM 26.2 … here I come

So, I can now officially say that I have REGISTERED for the Marine Corp Marathon. I ran the Quantico 10K on St. Patrick’s Day and received my golden ticket that guaranteed me an entry.

But, now … I may be on the verge of my first real injury. Of course, I have already been using Dr. Google and doing too much self diagnosis.  When I ran on Tuesday, my toes hurt.  One of my running buddies asked if I were limping.  I had to be honest and admit, my toes/foot has been hurting for a while.

So, I did the responsible thing and booked an appointment with the Sports Medicine Doc who is on a first name basis with the majority of our local running community.  I am also planning to go back to our running store to see if perhaps my latest pair of Brooks are somehow not meshing well. I have also taken a break from running, just to see if I had tweaked something and needed a break.

So, here I sit … reading emails about possible long runs in the morning, but replying “no” and contemplating spin classes instead.

So, anyone out there ever had bursitis, stress fractures, or neuromas?

Yes, please talk me off the bridge now, please.

Now we’re talking

Food and running. Running and food.

I can always talk/write about those two topics, so here goes.

Some of my running faves.

1. Garmin – yes, I love having a Garmin to keep track of time/pace while running, to analyze the heck out of fast runs/slow runs afterward.  It has been a helpful tool for me.  Otherwise,  I would have completely no idea how fast or how far I am running.  This is the one that Hubby and I have. Nothing fancy and we found it on sale at Target.

2. Shoes.  For me, it is the Brooks Adrenaline. I have been wearing these for several years and they are my favorite.  I wear them about a 1/2-1 whole size bigger than my normal shoe size.  They give me enough support that I need, don’t seem to rub blisters like some other shoes did, and while they aren’t cheap, they definitely aren’t the most expensive shoe out there.  I do recommend, go to your local running store and get properly fitted for shoes.  I promise you that it makes a difference.

3. Of course, it’s also all about the clothes.  I typically run in jog bras/tanks/tees from Target in the C9 line. Cheap, cute, and made with wicking material is usually good enough for me.  I did discover Old Navy running capris this that have been wonderful.  You can typically find them on sale for $15 and I think for the price, they are as good as the expensive brands.  I also love the Nike Tempo Track shorts, skirts from Brooks, and running jackets from Moving Comfort.   I go back and forth between paying $10 for a shirt to blowing the bank on a Moving Comfort jacket at a race Expo when I didn’t properly pack.

4. Just so I can incorporate food into the conversation … some of my favorite pre-run foods include bananas, oatmeal, whole wheat toast with peanut butter & banana, mini Luna bars or mini Clif bars.  I tend to run primarily in the morning, so breakfast foods are typically what I eat. It also depends on the mileage, time of day, how late I oversleep, and when I ate dinner the previous night if it’s an early run.

While running, I like Clif Shot Blocks (a bit chewy, but they tend to be more gentle on my stomach), Honey Stinger chews, or Gu Chomps.   Sometimes I will pack a mini Luna bar, or try to schedule runs so I can pick up a banana from my car.  I have a couple of running buddies who will run with a banana, but I’m not sure if I’m that graceful.

Post-run, I am usually all about coffee, chocolate milk, gatorade, etc. Then, my hunger hits and I try to make healthy choices so I don’t ruin the benefits of the run!  Again, I think that meal depends on the mileage, time of day, and when I ate dinner the previous night!

Marathon training officially begins in June, so there will definitely be more on this topic to follow.

Deep thoughts

So how bad is it when the blog is neglected for a month and no one notices?  Ahem.

I don’t do twitter, so I don’t feel like I can switch that platform.

I’m not really blogging about “love and labradors” anymore.  I could quite possibly change the title to “Volunteering, running, chasing two princesses, whilst trying to decide what I want to do when I grow up.” A bit too long, don’t you think.

I’ve contemplated shutting it down, but I love this community and still enjoy checking in on folks, stalking other blogs, re-reading old posts when I actually used to write.

So, in a nutshell, here is what is going on:

  • Two more months left of life as a Junior League President – I think this could be a blog in itself.
  • Contemplating full-time jobs and daycare.
  • Enjoying my time with two nearly four-year-olds that add light, laughs, and gray hair to my days.
  • I will be running a MARATHON this October.
  • Thinking about turning 40(!) next year.
Hopefully, I’ll figure out a direction soon, or at least post more than once a year.