It’s bad when you realize you haven’t blogged in weeks that turned into over a month. Whoops.

So, a list of what I’ve been doing since November …

  1. Ran a little
  2. Celebrated 7 years of wedded bliss at the spot of our first date
  3. Did a lot of hot yoga
  4. Ate a lot of turkey and fixins and celebrated Thanksgiving with family
  5. Ran a holiday themed half marathon with the worst race shirt ever, but with the coolest socks. I wore the ones with the furrrr. Then couldn’t get the Apple Bottom Jeans song out of my head. You are welcome.Image
  6. Celebrated a friend’s 35th birthday with lots of laughs, wine, and friends … the way birthdays should be. etbday
  7. Wrote a lot, but just not on the blog.
  8. Decorated a tree, hung the wreaths, wrapped gifts, turned on the Christmas tunes, mailed and received cards from friends. Tried to take good pictures of it all, but blurry is my motto.
  9. Celebrated Hubby’s 42nd birthday with lots of laughs, drinks, and friends. cbdme
  10. Celebrated two more friends 40th birthdays with a whirlwind trip to Nashville, complete with you guessed it … more drinks, more laughs,  and more friends.Image
  11. Ran the “Running of the Balls” – a nighttime run through the amazing Sunset Hills neighborhood, complete with full blown Christmas lights.
  12. Have threatened “I’m going to call/email/text Santa” more times than I can admit.
  13. Enjoyed having my parents here for the holidays.
  14. Visited the ER with Dad for his high blood pressure. On Christmas Eve. Not fun, but memorable. He is OK – just a little anxious to get home to see his Doctor and try to figure out what is going on.
  15. Celebrated Christmas at home, then traveled to the in-laws for more celebrating.
  16. Came home to wake up with a tummy bug and fever. Thank goodness for 7-up, the ability to work from home, and day care.
  17. Now feeling the need to organize, purge, clean, and think about the upcoming year.