Crazy town

I have always (or since I can remember) been told that I think too much. In tennis. In running. In relationships. I can over-analyze with the best of them. How do you just get in the zone and not think? For those of you who are wired the same way, you know what I’m talking about. You just can’t turn it off.

Sometimes one thought is coming in before the other is fully formed. 

So, when your two daughters are approaching Kindergarten, can you guess what happens? You over-analyze the hell out of it and over think every possible scenario. It’s exhausting and we still have 6 months to go before they even start.

We have applied to 6 different schools and that doesn’t include the public neighborhood school for which we are zoned. 3 are magnets, 2 are charter, 1 is private.

We should find out if we make the cut to the ohmygodunicornsandrainbowsshootfromtheceilingamazing private school this week. All the rest are basically your name(s) in a lottery system and those we find out what/if we are accepted in March. There are so many good opportunities were we live. I know we are fortunate and as a parent, I just have this overwhelming feeling of responsibility for trying to give our kids the best that we can.

What the hell am I going to do in 17 years when they are applying to college? Be fully admitted to crazy town? Right now, I think I have one foot in the door. Or maybe both.


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