Testing, Testing …

This morning, we were in our usual routine of guzzling coffee, helping dress children, packing lunches, a little screaming and negotiation, brushing hair and teeth, etc.

I was helping Libby get dressed when Maddy walked in the room, carrying something pink.

“Mommy, what’s this?” she asked.

I looked down and said, “Well, that would be a pregnancy test.”

“I like it. It’s pink.”

I told her to take it to Daddy.

Pause for about 10 seconds and in walked Hubby with a strange look on his face.

“Surprise!” I yelled and he may have mumbled something about an immaculate conception, but that’s a post for another day.

Yes, I would be the nerd who saved my pregnancy test(s) from when I found out I was pregnant with Maddy and Libby. I promise, honey. Double pinky swear promise.

I will say that Maddy’s timing is impressive. This week, four years ago, I took that exact test and was shocked and amazed to look down and see a pink plus sign.

Day 2 1 and 22

After venting about my girls, they can also break my heart. Last night, I arrived home after a meeting and they were still awake. I went upstairs to “re-tuck” them in. I was heading out of the room when Libby said, “Mama … you didn’t give me a hug, and a kiss, and a wiggle.”

Just turn that knife in my heart, honey.

So, I am thankful for daughters that remind me to give hugs, kisses, and wiggles (eskimo kisses).

I am also thankful for the ability to run. It keeps me sane and healthy.

Day 20

Today, I am thankful for wine as a coping mechanism to deal with two grumpy three-year-olds who in the last hour have told me:

I cannot walk.
I can’t get up (off the potty). My feet are too itchy.
I don’t want to wash my hands.
I can’t wash my hands.
I don’t like to wash my hands.
They are now in bed, about 30 minutes early, but not asleep, and that is OK with me. I think we all needed a break from each other. Whew.