Lurking in my drafts folder

I clicked on my Drafts folder today and was surprised to see quite a few half-way written entries.

Including this one. Snort.

Ok, so this photo is (obviously) from my wedding day and I have no idea who half of these celebrities are.

JLo? Hmmm. I wish.  Judy Garland? Total compliment.

Florence Henderson? Whaat?

My cool celebrity look-alike collage from


It looks like this website now still has this feature as an app. It may be interesting to see who I look like now.


The interview that deserves a blog post

While looking for jobs, a friend of mine (Hi, J!) told me about a neat opportunity so I reached out to them to learn more. I had a great phone discussion with their office manager who told me more about the position (Marketing, Public Relations, Special Events for a small beer distributor.) We talked a lot about my marketing & pr background and also my work for a cheese maker where I helped to coordinate special events across the state.

Sounds like it could be a good fit, right?

So, I was asked to come in for an interview. I knew this would be a more “casual” environment, so I purposely dressed a little more casual versus my normal interview attire.

I had a great meeting with the office manager and then I was set to meet with the owner.

To all the HR professionals out there, please be warned … this person did all the cringe-worthy things in addition to a few that I think he could be sued over.

Statements/Questions that I heard while interviewing:

1. Where do you live? As in what neighborhood.
2. What does your husband do?
3. Insurance is a bunch of xxxx.
4. “I think you should be home with your children.”
5. Oh and yes, he asked if I had children.
6. “I think I really need a man to do this job … to talk to the other store managers because they are typically men, and this is a blue collar job.”
7. Speaking of a past employer. “I don’t advertise. It’s just a waste of money.”
8. Why don’t you take this case of beer home to your husband?

It was by far the strangest and most infuriating interview that I have ever been on. I had my qualms about the job from the beginning – I knew it would be a lot of nights/weekends, but I also understand that it comes with the territory. Since I was interviewing several places, I didn’t want to turn down any opportunities that could turn into something. So many people have asked if I told him off, but I decided that it wasn’t worth it and the best thing to do would to be professional.

We happily drank the case of beer, and I may or may not have flipped off the building when I last drove past it, because I keep it professional like that.