19 miles done

I think my exact words when I finished were “19 miles. Who’s your mama?” No idea why I said that, but it just came out with chill bumps and everything. It’s really hard to think that just 7.2 more and it will be a full marathon!

I have been trying a few things this week and so far, so good.

No more Nuun, and a switch from Balega to Feetures socks.

For pretty much every long or long-ish run we’ve done, I’ve been having some GI issues. Nothing crazy like sprinting to the woods, but definitely not comfortable either. The only thing that is different from the last time I trained for a half was the addition of Nuun. I really didn’t think it could attribute to everything, but after talking to a friend who is an RD and she mentioned that some drinks or energy gels use sugar alcohols which can hurt your stomach. Then, I was reading Runners World and noticed an article that mentioned Sorbitol can cause GI issues, and then realize that Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol and Nuun has Sorbitol.

So, that got nixed and replaced with good ol’ water and Gatorade. I tried it for our 8 mile run on Wednesday and our 19 miler today and so far, so good.

I have worn Balega for years, but just seem to keep getting a few blister/callouses after long runs. The Feetures feel really good and seem to almost compress your feet. I still got a few hot spots today, but not as bad as previous weeks.

The first 13 miles felt pretty good … relaxed and steady. When we got back to our cars at a little over 13, I was tired and hungry. After downing some Gatorade, eating 1/2 a banana, etc., we started out again. Those last 6 miles were hard. My legs just felt like they didn’t want to go. It’s also not the most scenic part of the route and includes a big hill during the last 1.5 miles.

But, we did it … now just 20 and 22 mile runs left to do before the biggie. Gulp. 13 weeks of training down, 7 more to go. We actually realized that this was our last really long run on a Saturday. Due to schedules, we are running our 20 and 22-milers during the week. Gotta love that two of us have taken new jobs recently. Atleast we will be doing something positive on those vacation days!

Oh, and don’t you love M’s chevron skirt? I think I may have to go for it … so cute & she said it was really comfortable too. 3 compliments from other runners today as well.



I received a question about hydration/water on long runs. First, let me say that receiving questions makes me feel like a REAL blogger and that makes me happy. 🙂

I do carry water on pretty much any run that I do. I’m sure that this is part mental, but I just like the idea of having it if I need it, even if it’s only 3 miles.

I use a Nathan 22-ounce handheld bottle. I will say, it did take some time getting used to it, and I will complain that sometimes my fingers start to fall asleep, but it supplies me with quite a bit of water or gatorade. It has a little pouch that can carry my key fob, chomps, or Gu’s which is nice.

For instance, yesterday’s 12 miler was humid and I started with a full bottle of water with NUUN. I have liked these – they only have 8 calories, no sugar, but still have the electrolytes that you need. In typing this, I realize that I am diluting mine a bit in using a 22-ounce bottle since it comes with a 16-ounce. I will need to alter that!

So, at the 8 mile mark, I was pretty much out of water, so one of my running buddies filled up my bottle with water and I was empty again after my last 4 miles. Wow! We already know that we will be placing extra water along our routes. Training in the south, in the summer … you just have to. My clothes were literally soaked.

Other good options for hydration would be the Nathan waist pack. I have not been a fan of waist packs in the past, but I have known runners who really liked this hands-free option. FuelBelt also makes several options – waist & handheld. I would recommend trying out some options – maybe borrow one if you can to find out what works for you. Remember that it may take some getting used to, but using one of these kinds of packs may be better than dropping water along the route. 

The good thing is on race day, you will likely have water or a sportsdrink along the course, so I usually will alternate between grabbing a cup, and drinking mine to help conserve what I am carrying so I don’t have to refill.

Does anyone else have any products that they love?