Now we’re talking

Food and running. Running and food.

I can always talk/write about those two topics, so here goes.

Some of my running faves.

1. Garmin – yes, I love having a Garmin to keep track of time/pace while running, to analyze the heck out of fast runs/slow runs afterward.  It has been a helpful tool for me.  Otherwise,  I would have completely no idea how fast or how far I am running.  This is the one that Hubby and I have. Nothing fancy and we found it on sale at Target.

2. Shoes.  For me, it is the Brooks Adrenaline. I have been wearing these for several years and they are my favorite.  I wear them about a 1/2-1 whole size bigger than my normal shoe size.  They give me enough support that I need, don’t seem to rub blisters like some other shoes did, and while they aren’t cheap, they definitely aren’t the most expensive shoe out there.  I do recommend, go to your local running store and get properly fitted for shoes.  I promise you that it makes a difference.

3. Of course, it’s also all about the clothes.  I typically run in jog bras/tanks/tees from Target in the C9 line. Cheap, cute, and made with wicking material is usually good enough for me.  I did discover Old Navy running capris this that have been wonderful.  You can typically find them on sale for $15 and I think for the price, they are as good as the expensive brands.  I also love the Nike Tempo Track shorts, skirts from Brooks, and running jackets from Moving Comfort.   I go back and forth between paying $10 for a shirt to blowing the bank on a Moving Comfort jacket at a race Expo when I didn’t properly pack.

4. Just so I can incorporate food into the conversation … some of my favorite pre-run foods include bananas, oatmeal, whole wheat toast with peanut butter & banana, mini Luna bars or mini Clif bars.  I tend to run primarily in the morning, so breakfast foods are typically what I eat. It also depends on the mileage, time of day, how late I oversleep, and when I ate dinner the previous night if it’s an early run.

While running, I like Clif Shot Blocks (a bit chewy, but they tend to be more gentle on my stomach), Honey Stinger chews, or Gu Chomps.   Sometimes I will pack a mini Luna bar, or try to schedule runs so I can pick up a banana from my car.  I have a couple of running buddies who will run with a banana, but I’m not sure if I’m that graceful.

Post-run, I am usually all about coffee, chocolate milk, gatorade, etc. Then, my hunger hits and I try to make healthy choices so I don’t ruin the benefits of the run!  Again, I think that meal depends on the mileage, time of day, and when I ate dinner the previous night!

Marathon training officially begins in June, so there will definitely be more on this topic to follow.