So …

Hello, knock knock. Is this thing on?

Yeah … it’s been a while. I am a crappy blogger, but enjoy checking in with everyone else who is actually posting. I feel like all the bloggers “I grew up” with have stopped posting, so it just gets easier to ignore this space. But I do miss it and miss writing just for me.

So to update …

  • I did run that marathon and kicked its ass. Or something. Well, shaving 20 minutes off my 1st marathon time made for a nice PR for this girl. I know that 4:43 isn’t going to shatter any records, but I was proud of my work that day. At least the first 20 miles. The last 6 pretty much stunk, but I finished. Thank goodness for pushing the pace when I still had it in me.
  • So, still on that runner’s high, I put my name in the lotteries for the NYC marathon and NYC half. Well, guess what? I got into the Half. On March 16. That’s in 8 weeks. So, guess who pulled together a very condensed training plan?
  • I have also made a lofty-ish goal of running 14 races in 2014 — I think it comes out to 7 halfs, 1 10-miler, 4 10k’s and 2 5k’s. September and October are full, but otherwise, it’s pretty spread out and do-able. Come join me!
  • M&L are growing up overnight it seems. They are both in Kindergarten and loving it. Starting to read, honing their writing skills, learning Spanish, and enjoying other classes like science and art. Oh, and lunch. Can’t forget about that. I sometimes find myself just staring at them and admiring their little personalities. Or big personalities. They are inquisitive and funny, and sometimes sassy.
  • I post pretty often on Instagram, so feel free to follow me there.

Marathon Training, part dos

So I can’t remember if I even wrote about marathon training last year, so this could possibly be part uno. Even though I haven’t been using this space much, I thought it would be a good way to keep track of my training, hold me accountable, and possibly help someone else who may be thinking about running a marathon.

A little background … this will be my 2nd full marathon and I am registered for the Richmond marathon this November. I have run 11 half marathons, and numerous other 10K’s and 5K’s.

I’m following one of Hal Higdon’s training plans and hopefully actually incorporating more cross training and speed work this time around. My first marathon time was over 5 hours and I would really like to get under 5 hours and possibly even more like 4:45. We’ll see. My husband keeps mouthing “speed work” to me. Ugh.

Here are my stats for the week so far:

Week One Plan/Actual

Monday – XT (spin class) + 1 mile walk

Tuesday – 4 miles (Ran 3 with Ria)

Wednesday – Strength class AM/ XT PM (Spin class, no strength)

Thursday – 4 miles (moving this run to Friday)

Friday – rest (4 miles TO DO)

Saturday – 8 miles (instead, a rest day)

Sunday – yoga (8 miles/yoga)

So that is it in a nutshell. Waking around 5am several days a week is no fun, but I’m hoping like anything, it will get easier with time.

Waking up

I try to work out in the mornings. Early. 5:15am or 5:30am. Pitch black, warm bed, sleeping children, whirring fan, comfy pj’s. It is hard to leave the comforts of home, but I try to remind myself that it’s only an hour. I’m only waking up an hour’ish earlier than I normally would.

Some days I listen to myself better than others.

One thing that I love about a morning workout is driving through my neighborhood and watching it wake up. After I’m done and on my way home, around 6:30 or so, I see a few dog walkers, kitchen lights on, the blue screen of a TV sharing the news. I picture sleepy-eyed children, showers steaming up, coffee brewing, phones being checked. Watching it all makes me feel like I’m in on this little secret ritual of everyone’s day.

I’m a little envious of the houses that are still dark, or those that are quietly easing into the day. I know that as soon as I hit the door, there are requests for ponytails, showers to be had, and schedules to discuss. But that is OK … it’s our ritual and then I wonder if someone is peeking in on us.

Crazy town

I have always (or since I can remember) been told that I think too much. In tennis. In running. In relationships. I can over-analyze with the best of them. How do you just get in the zone and not think? For those of you who are wired the same way, you know what I’m talking about. You just can’t turn it off.

Sometimes one thought is coming in before the other is fully formed. 

So, when your two daughters are approaching Kindergarten, can you guess what happens? You over-analyze the hell out of it and over think every possible scenario. It’s exhausting and we still have 6 months to go before they even start.

We have applied to 6 different schools and that doesn’t include the public neighborhood school for which we are zoned. 3 are magnets, 2 are charter, 1 is private.

We should find out if we make the cut to the ohmygodunicornsandrainbowsshootfromtheceilingamazing private school this week. All the rest are basically your name(s) in a lottery system and those we find out what/if we are accepted in March. There are so many good opportunities were we live. I know we are fortunate and as a parent, I just have this overwhelming feeling of responsibility for trying to give our kids the best that we can.

What the hell am I going to do in 17 years when they are applying to college? Be fully admitted to crazy town? Right now, I think I have one foot in the door. Or maybe both.

Fiscal cliff … what fiscal cliff?

Ummm, yeah.

So, last week had some good point and not so good points.

I caved at under $20 cords from Lands End. But they are GREEN and very cute!I also ordered 2 dresses and a cardi from LE. BUT … they were all on sale.I can give you justification for all purchases. Are you ready?

Early birthday money from my Mom, plus my $45 rebate from ebates. This deposit was mainly from Christmas purchases … it really is that easy. CLick on the ebates link to learn more. So, even with all purchases, they were still under what I spent. So … kind of like free money, right? I am sure Dave Ramsey wouldn’t agree.

We did luck out and received a refund from our old mortgage company when we refinanced. I am listening to Dave and using that money to complete baby step #2 and establishing our $1000 rainy day emergency fund and making good use of the rest.

On a sad note, I did not get my Bonanno sandals as I had previously posted. Still not sure what happened, but during the 50% off sale, their website was overloaded, so I emailed in my order as it suggested on the website. I followed up with the 3 different emails I found online, received 2 responses, and then nothing. No confirmation, no money taken, and no sandals for this girl. Insert big sad face. Partly for lack of shoes, but even more so … lack of customer service.

So for now … trying to get back on the cliff and stay on it and start training for a half marathon (yes it’s now in print and official).



Observations: 2nd week getting unpoor

Shoes may be my arch nemesis. Heh, get it … arch.

Anywho … Stephen Bonanno Sandals turned 50 and in honor of this occasion  they had all of their sandals 50% off. I have never known this to happen. They put them on sale twice a year, but never 50% off. So, I had to justify that spending $60 now would provide good ROI since these sandals last forever. I ordered a black pair, so definitely something that I will wear over and over.

I had also allowed myself to buy a new pair of running shoes and that happened on Monday, Luckily, I scored 15% off thanks to my Hubby and his running class. Love my Brooks and I definitely needed a pair since my old ones had 400+ miles on them.

Lunches … 5/5: 4/4 packing and I worked from home on Friday, so I also ate at home.

Savings … I managed to put money into savings and also into M&L’s college funds.

HSA … this is the first time I have used my company’s health saving’s account … it is wonderful! Two prescription refills and it feels free! 

Dependent Savings Account … we are trying hard to not touch this money that we put aside. I know this is going to be a struggle, but it will be amazing if we can have $5,000 saved by the end of the year and get a break on our taxes. We shall see. The operative word is TRY.

Target … I did have a slip up. All necessities, but a cinnamon/clove candle did fall into my basket. I call it winter blues defense. There is something about lighting a yummy smelling candle and feeling cozy. Maddy and Libby love to light it for dinner. We are so elegant when we eat our pizza on plastic plates sans utensils, but with candlelight. Sigh.

No one to blame but myself

So, I ran a marathon 3 months ago.

I ran a half-marathon less than 2 months ago.

I ran 6 miles yesterday and felt like I had never run in my life.


I have hit that point where I’m:

a) not running 30+ miles a week

b) not wanting to get out of bed when it’s dark and cold

c) in hibernation mode

So that means I MAY be averaging 3-6 miles a week and that is a good week. I’ve been pretty consistent making it to 1-2 classes of Bikram yoga a week, and 1 spin class a week.

Needless to say, I feel better when I am exercising consistently and need to get over myself in the mornings and hit the gym. As much as I loathe the treadmill, it’s definitely better than cold and dark morning runs … especially when I don’t have to, but I know for my sanity and overall fitness I level, I have to.

I don’t like being the slow kid huffing and puffing in the back.

So, snow.

So this is our forecast:



And guess what we’re out of?

You got it … milk. If you are from the South, you probably just nodded your head and then said a curse word at the idea of trudging to Harris Teeter with all the other crazies out there. Plus, the shelves will be bare and you are stuck with a pint of buttermilk or a random brand of questionable soy milk.

Ou(honestly) bigger problem is that there is no coffee creamer in the house. I try to eat healthy, but there is something about the Vanilla-ey goodness of Coffee Mate that gets me every time. 

I commute about 30-40 minutes and luckily, we can choose to work for home when the weather is questionable. Our company rarely if ever will close, so I am already counting on working from the comfort of home, likely in my PJ’s, making bbq chicken in the crockpot, and hopefully playing in the snow with M&L.

I need to confess … two pair of snow pants were purchased since we don’t have any, but in my defense … they were on sale and M&L do need them. Plus, they are a size 4/5, so I am hoping they last until next year. So, I think that $20 is a necessity.


It’s bad when you realize you haven’t blogged in weeks that turned into over a month. Whoops.

So, a list of what I’ve been doing since November …

  1. Ran a little
  2. Celebrated 7 years of wedded bliss at the spot of our first date
  3. Did a lot of hot yoga
  4. Ate a lot of turkey and fixins and celebrated Thanksgiving with family
  5. Ran a holiday themed half marathon with the worst race shirt ever, but with the coolest socks. I wore the ones with the furrrr. Then couldn’t get the Apple Bottom Jeans song out of my head. You are welcome.Image
  6. Celebrated a friend’s 35th birthday with lots of laughs, wine, and friends … the way birthdays should be. etbday
  7. Wrote a lot, but just not on the blog.
  8. Decorated a tree, hung the wreaths, wrapped gifts, turned on the Christmas tunes, mailed and received cards from friends. Tried to take good pictures of it all, but blurry is my motto.
  9. Celebrated Hubby’s 42nd birthday with lots of laughs, drinks, and friends. cbdme
  10. Celebrated two more friends 40th birthdays with a whirlwind trip to Nashville, complete with you guessed it … more drinks, more laughs,  and more friends.Image
  11. Ran the “Running of the Balls” – a nighttime run through the amazing Sunset Hills neighborhood, complete with full blown Christmas lights.
  12. Have threatened “I’m going to call/email/text Santa” more times than I can admit.
  13. Enjoyed having my parents here for the holidays.
  14. Visited the ER with Dad for his high blood pressure. On Christmas Eve. Not fun, but memorable. He is OK – just a little anxious to get home to see his Doctor and try to figure out what is going on.
  15. Celebrated Christmas at home, then traveled to the in-laws for more celebrating.
  16. Came home to wake up with a tummy bug and fever. Thank goodness for 7-up, the ability to work from home, and day care.
  17. Now feeling the need to organize, purge, clean, and think about the upcoming year.


I needed a weekend like this one, and would definitely take more in the future.

In a nutshell, it consisted of “usual” activities, but they all just seemed to be a little more fun, have better weather, included friends, etc. Sadly, I don’t think I have a single picture, but then again … it really was just a regular weekend.

It started on Saturday with an 11 mile run. This was a 5-mile warm up followed by a 10K race. 

We had miles to get in and it was easier to do them prior to the race, and it does give you immediate rock star status when you run to the start of a race with 5 miles already on your Garmin. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt when 2 of you get a new PR and one of you ties your PR. Negative splits, baby.

I will admit, during the week, I am like a giant bear who doesn’t want to come out of hibernation to go run. On Saturday’s, I really look forward to my time to enjoy a cup of coffee so I get up extra early to enjoy it, eat breakfast, pack all of my gear, etc.

That afternoon, I headed to run errands and to the grocery and found a 50 cent pumpkin. At WalMart of all places. Early, but too cute not to buy it. Now I have an idea of a pumpkin tower/topiary in my planter and need to make it happen.

We had friends over for dinner … 4 adults, 4 kiddos, vino, hamburgers, corn on the cob, & chocolate chip cookies. Activities including running, jumping, coloring, swinging, playing & hugging (kiddos) and garmin geeking, cooking, drinking, adult convo, and a little football viewing (parents).

It’s nice to have friends that you can just relax with, let the kids run a little wild … and especially those who share your love for Garmins, red wine, cheese, and analyzing Facebook status updates.

Today included a rainy morning, church and small group (a first!), lunch (leftover sweet potato black bean enchilada pie), short nap, yoga, actually saving money at Verizon (another first!), dinner with the fam, baths for the girls, and an easy goodnight.

Like I said, nothing extraordinary, but definitely what the doctor ordered.