This picture shows Libby’s mad hopping skills, Maddy’s cheesy grin, but what it doesn’t show is a power struggle to wear shoes and not sandals, not wanting to walk in the “dirt”, and an early morning dance routine to “I Love A Rainy Night.”

Summer Summary

Swimming lessons – check.

Using the pool more than 5 times like last year – check.
Jumping off the side into the “big” pool – check.
Blowing bubbles – check.
Eating, eating, and more eating – check.
Sleeping in til nearly 8am after a big day at the pool – check.
Oh, and potty training! Check! Not 100%, but doing great and two little girls will be wearing big girl panties to school tomorrow!

Will it ever click?

This afternoon, I was holding Libby on my lap when all of a sudden, I felt something warm.


Yes, and on dry clean only pants.

Yes, I had just asked her two minutes earlier if she needed to potty.

We are about a week away from their 3rd birthday. I know everyone says that they’ll potty-train when they are ready, but I’m beginning to wonder when that is.

Parenting Fail

This afternoon, Maddy, Libby, and I had fed the dogs, gotten a snack ( a very specific TWO graham crackers and goldfish) and were hanging out. Maddy had wandered out of the room to go to the potty, and I looked up and didn’t see Libby. I had also started a load of laundry, reviewed some paperwork, etc. ie. Not fully engaged. I listened for footsteps or the scream of “Mommy! I pottied … I want candy!”, but I heard nothing. I went through the house and looked in the office where they sometimes play and noticed our front door open. Not the outer door, but our inner wooden door, but I knew I hadn’t opened it. I quickly glanced in the yard to find it empty, then I started up the stairs when a man knocked on my door asking if I was looking for twin girls. With my heart in my throat, I ran out into the yard with him and found them with another man. The “what-if’s” are still running through my head and I can’t even go there right now. One of the men lives on our street and I never found out if the other man was a neighbor or just driving through. Both girls were wearing their princess shoes, Maddy was carrying her mouse, and Libby had her water bottle. They were two houses down from ours and that seems worlds away to me. My BIG note to self from today … no more half-assed paying attention, I’m checking all door locks, and may really feel the need to install an alarm that goes “beep-beep” when the door opens. We had several talks about not opening the door without Mommy, Daddy, or a big person. I plan to have several more. Hug your little ones and say your prayers. I almost didn’t write this post, but I know how easy it is to get preoccupied with other “priorities” and as women, we call ourselves multi-taskers and know we can do it well, but it may not be worth the outcomes.

>My valentines


Hoping to make cookies for Hubby aka Daddy when the girls wake up from their nap. I guess “make” should be replaced with “open package, pull out pre-squared blob of cookie dough and place on pan”. While I love homemade the best, I’m ok with making un-homemade cookies today.


>I have been missing a pair of black flats since last week and have searched high and low, under the bed, in the closet, etc.

Today, I looked down to see my flats neatly inserted into a box that contains Maddy and Libby’s princess dress up shoes.

This made me smile and wonder what other laughs that Maddy and Libby will provide in the coming years. At least someone thinks that Mommy is a princess.

>Potty all the time, potty all the time, potty all the tiiime.

>Sorry, but I just can’t help it.

Ok, parents of potty-trained children, I need your help. I’ve been afraid to really start this process, but I think it’s time to get serious.

Libby (finally) went on the potty last night before her bath and was the proud recipient of lots of applause, hugs, and 2 Elmo stickers. I definitely think I will change stickers to MnM’s when we are in serious mode, but right now, I know that I always can find a sticker, even if I’m pulling it off a banana.

So, what else do I need?

I have the children, two potties, two potty seats, big girl panties, and the Patty Potty panties that are super thick. We have 2 hand me down Potty Books and one DVD from a friend, plus the Potty Animals book that seems a little too old for them. It talks more about making sure you shut the toilet seat and I’m just in the going on the potty stage.

Did you have a favorite book or DVD? Pull Ups or No … what’s your opinion? Anything that worked for your family? Moms of multiples, did you train them at the same time or try to get your stronger pottier trained first and hope the second will follow?

I promise that one day I will use this blog for some constructive blogging and not potty training questions. A friend of mine posted today that she misses blogging and I do, too. Just struggling with putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard some days.

Maddy, Libby, and the landfills of North Carolina thank you.


>This week, our preschool held open houses so current and potential parents can go and visit the classrooms. I made my way to the 3 year old classroom and even though I know that I’m essentially looking at kids that are a full year ahead of Maddy and Libby, it is so hard to think that my babies will be ready to be in that class in the Fall.

They said the Pledge of Allegiance, actually sat still during circle time (well, most of them), they went on a letter hunt around the room and knew words that started with each of the letters. I was impressed by the teachers and really liked the actual classroom.


They are growing up so much. I just see so many changes and milestones ~ opinions, questions, counting, recognizing colors, reciting ABC’s, more questions, sentences, sitting on the potty, helping feed the doggies, lots of “Noooo” and “I do it, I help you”, pushing the kitchen stool around to fetch bananas, tomatoes, or what ever else they can find on the counter, more independent play, etc.

I shared this on Facebook, but will have to share it here. Now someone please tell me where my babies have gone.

>What I’m loving

>I was picking up birthday gifts this summer and one of the people in line was buying a book called BrainQuest. We started talking about these and he told me that he had been buying them for his son since he was 2. I decided to pick up a pack of these for Maddy and Libby.

At first, they weren’t really into them, but as of late, they are slightly obsessed.

These little books are full of pictures and questions that are geared to build your child’s vocabulary. Maddy and Libby looove them and are constantly asking to “Read Max.” (Max is the main character of the little vignette stories for the one we have.) There are 3 books with pictures on each side, so there are lots of options and you don’t get bored reading them over and over.

For example, for the one we have, one picture may show a school room and you ask your child different questions about “where could they hear a story” or “color a picture” and some open-ended like what else can they do at school. The next page will have specific questions about items found in a school classroom, or different activities they do at school.

The one we have is for 2-3 year olds and they go up into the teen years and with different topics. I have been impressed at what questions they could answer on their own, and what they have retained from reading these books.

I just noticed that they have ABC and Counting ones for their age and I think that those may show up for Valentine’s Day or Easter.

They are wonderful and may be my new go-to gift for friends. I have seen them locally at Barnes and Noble and also at our local toy store, Toys and Co.


>Maddy and Libby have recently discovered that they can move the stool around the kitchen to access the sink and counters. Not sure why they have just now figured it out, but it has been somewhat entertaining to watch.

For dinner tonight? Why, they served themselves bananas. Peeled them and ate about 1.5 a piece. The other night? Cherry tomatoes, right out of the bowl. I guess it could be worse. They’ve also learned to open the refrigerator and have been able to climb enough to reach the higher shelves. Cold macaroni and cheese, grapes, and yogurt have been their choices. Oh and they did grab spoons, too.

It also seems that they wait until I am in the middle of something else – fixing dinner, or grabbing laundry so I’m not paying full attention when they strike. I think outsmarting Mama is their daily job, too.

We have definitely hit the stage of picky eating. Yesterday, I made a pasta salad with sauteed olives, carrots, broccoli, and zucchini, with cheese. Not even one bite and both of them said “No like it.” The yogurt at Panera for lunch? “No like it. Mommy eat it.”

I know this is a stage and if they eat bananas for dinner, they’ll be OK.