>Two years ago


I know I’ve been saying this every few months for the last two years, but I really am still in shock that Maddy and Libby are (insert age here)! Today, I am still in disbelief that they are 2! Where did my babies go and who replaced them with independent toddlers?
I looked back at the blog and read what I posted the day after they were born, as well as the posts I wrote last year that talked about the days leading up to and the day of their birth.

6 days old. Maddy – Libby

I heard someone say that days with children are long, but the years go by in a flash and I understand that now. Every day, Maddy and Libby do things that make me smile (calling each other sister, giving kisses, feeding the baby doll “bites” of food, playing chase with each other and running around the room), but they also do things that make me lose my patience (running away from me at an outdoor shopping center, not sitting down in the bathtub, throwing Cheerios on the floor.)

They have brought more to my life than I really ever imagined or thought possible. I truly had no idea how having children would change me, but it has.

Happy Birthday, Madeline Kate. You are my first-born, my spider monkey, my mischievous peanut, and my sweet girl. You are curious and constantly trying to figure things out and how they work. I sometimes think that your goal in life is to find a warm lap and someone to read you a book. You like to snuggle at night and listen to stories, but lately we don’t get much snuggling time because you are too busy. When someone holds you, you hold on tight with your arms and legs and have figured out how to not get put down – you just hold your legs up so they will continue to hold you.

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Lucy. You are my second-born, my giggler, my chatty-cathy, and my little leader. You are talkative, friendly, and funny. You love your books, and definitely have an opinion about which book to read, which cup to use, or which pants to wear. You still enjoy snuggling at night, giving sweet kisses, but sometimes when I ask for a kiss, I’m promptly told “no.”

I can’t even beging to imagine what this year will hold for us. Potty training? Big girl beds? Trigonometry? I look forward to experiencing everything and learning from you and teaching you, all at the same time.




>The next day


It was now Saturday and I had an OK night. Some sleep, but I still felt like I was awake every hour, but luckily the racehorse feelings seemed to be gone. A few sporadic contractions, but none close together. I had to take my medication every four hours, so I had finally gotten some better sleep late in the morning and just slept in as long as I could.

I came downstairs and had a little to eat. The bad thing was by this point in my pregnancy, I was always hungry, but I seemed to “fill up” so quickly so it was a bummer when you feel like you can eat as much as you want, but then aren’t able!

I had played on the computer for a bit, watched some TV, and talked to a few friends on the phone. Hubby was around to make sure that I had water, the remote, etc. My parents were on a vacation at a NC lake with a lot of my family (I was told NO by my OB about going on that trip), so we had spoken with them briefly. They were planning to drive to see us on Sunday.

Later that afternoon, our friend Chris stopped by to see Hubby and me. After joking with him that it was safe for him to sit on the sofa with me, we all chatted for a while then he and Hubby went out in the yard to inspect the yard or talk about man things or whatever it is that men do.

I was hooked on the Food Network by then and was watching a marathon of Bobby Flay’s Throwdown show. This episode in particular. I had already decided that eggplant Parmesan sounded wonderful and that I was going to ask Hubby if he would go to Positano, our favorite Italian restaurant to pick up some takeout for dinner.

As I was contemplating my dinner, I felt a little bit of fluid leaking. Not really a gush, but more than a trickle. I got up to go to the bathroom and thought maybe I had just lost control of my bladder. Isn’t that what pregnant women are supposed to do? I went to the bathroom and realized that I had no control of what was coming out. Uh-oh! I was trying to remember the COAT acronym for what to do when your water breaks.

It seemed to stop, so I had to go upstairs to get cleaned up. I came back down to look for Hubby. He and Chris were no where to be found. Another Uh-oh! I called the nurse and she told me that we should make our way to the hospital. I remember “talking” to Zoe, one of our dogs about “what the heck should I do?” I picked up the phone to call Hubby only to spot his cell phone lying on the coffee table. Uh-oh again!

I went back to the front door and saw Hubby and Chris. Whew. I guess judging from the look on my face, they knew something was up. We had been joking with Chris about being our “coach” in the delivery room since there would be two babies and we had actually been told that we may want to have a 2nd person in the room with us. Chris asked if he could do anything, but we quickly told him no and that we would call him soon.

Hubby and I got upstairs and he helped to calm me down a bit. I threw a few things back into my bag that really wasn’t unpacked from our trip earlier this week. Hubby asked if he could shower, I said yes as long as it was quick, we called another friend to check on the dogs for us, and off we went to the hospital.

We were quickly admitted … it was eerily quiet. I think we were the only people in the waiting room and there really didn’t seem to be anyone else in the admitting area. I think I even asked about it, because it was so quiet. We were told that most Doctors didn’t schedule c-sections or inductions on Saturday evenings, but what about all of those other women out there having babies?

I met yet another Doctor from my practice who was on call that evening. Dr. G was extremely personable and I liked her immediately. It was determined that my water had broken, that Baby B was still breech, and that since I was now 33 weeks and 2 days, had received two of the steroid injections, it was safer to go ahead and deliver the babies. I was given the option to try for a regular delivery since Baby A was head down, but strongly advised that I may end up with a C-section for Baby B. Since I didn’t want to risk pain and suffering to all parts of my body, I opted for the C-section … plus, it just seemed to be safer to get the babies out.

We still thought we had quite a while to wait, but Dr. G told us that everything would be happening in about an hour. She had one other patient in active labor, but we would have our C-section before or after her delivery. We frantically made a few phone calls to our parents and told them the news. I think we could hear car doors slamming and tires peeling out as soon as we hung up the phones.

The rest happened so fast, it’s a bit of a blur. I was about 4 cm dilated by this point and having some pretty big contractions. I’m glad I was able to experience a little bit of labor, just to understand what it was like. I was disappointed that my birth experience was nothing like what I had hoped for, but I was just worried about the safety of our babies and wanted what was best for them.

We had a ton of people in the room with us – our Neonatologist, Dr. R, our OB, Dr. G, a slew of nurses, my wonderful Anesthesiologist who took tons of photos, told me about his twin boys, and was just a true pleasure, plus other staff – respiratory therapists, etc. All pretty much standard for any twin birth.

At 9:48 PM, we were told that we had a baby girl who was extremely pink, very small, and had a good set of lungs! At 9:50 PM, we were told that we had a breech girl. She was slightly bigger, very pink, and took her a little while to cry. Baby A was 3 pounds, 2 ounces and 15 3/4 inches long. Baby B was 4 pounds, 9 ounces and 17 3/4 inches long. Two girls?! We couldn’t believe it. I think Hubby muttered something about two weddings so he better start saving money.

Both girls were taken to the NICU and Hubby stayed on the heels of Dr. R like he was told. I went to recovery and laid there in amazement of what had just happened. My head was just swimming trying to take everything in. They told me to rest, but I had this crazy surge of excitement. I didn’t feel tired and I just wanted to see my girls.

I was finally wheeled upstairs to the 3rd floor and got to hold my first born baby for the first time. Baby A opened her eyes and I could have stayed with her on my chest all night. Warm, sweet, tiny … with dark hair and long fingers. We hadn’t decided on names, so she was still Baby A when this picture was taken.

We couldn’t hold Baby B because she had been hooked up to a C-PAP to help with her airflow. She seemed so much bigger and equally sweet and soft. It was so hard not to be able to hold her close. She had the cutest little toes and feet that I just wanted to grab.

Hubby and I were instantly in love. They have by far been the best thing that has happened to me and I love them more than I could have ever imagined. It is still amazing to me that a year ago they had just arrived into our lives and now we are preparing to celebrate their 1st birthday.