Fiscal cliff … what fiscal cliff?

Ummm, yeah.

So, last week had some good point and not so good points.

I caved at under $20 cords from Lands End. But they are GREEN and very cute!I also ordered¬†2 dresses and a cardi from LE. BUT … they were all on sale.I can give you justification for all purchases. Are you ready?

Early birthday money from my Mom, plus my $45 rebate from ebates. This deposit was mainly from Christmas purchases … it really is that easy. CLick on the ebates link to learn more. So, even with all purchases, they were still under what I spent. So … kind of like free money, right? I am sure Dave Ramsey wouldn’t agree.

We did luck out and received a refund from our old mortgage company when we refinanced. I am listening to Dave and using that money to complete baby step #2 and establishing our $1000 rainy day emergency fund and making good use of the rest.

On a sad note, I did not get my Bonanno sandals as I had previously posted. Still not sure what happened, but during the 50% off sale, their website was overloaded, so I emailed in my order as it suggested on the website. I followed up with the 3 different emails I found online, received 2 responses, and then nothing. No confirmation, no money taken, and no sandals for this girl. Insert big sad face. Partly for lack of shoes, but even more so … lack of customer service.

So for now … trying to get back on the cliff and stay on it and start training for a half marathon (yes it’s now in print and official).




Taking me way back

I think I had this same skirt, but I can’t remember when. Sophomore year of college?

I was checking out Lands End Canvas to see what is new for Spring, but I think this definitely fits my rule of “If I wore this style more than a decade ago, just say no.” Love the madras, though.

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>Looking for…


Anyone know who else makes a similar product? This one is now unavailable. Here is the link.

Pottery Barn Kids has a few that are similar, but I really like the more simplistic design of this one. Once we moved in the cute kitchen, all I feel like I’m staring at are two big blank walls, oh and 9,000 pieces of Melissa and Doug food.

I thought it would be cute to have somewhere to display Maddy and Libby’s artwork from school, along with photos. Or, I could hang the front loader frames that are easy to change out.

Or the clipboard look. Hmmm. As seen here. I kind of love this look.

>Cute and practical


These boots from Nine West are hitting many of my loves … they are wedges, and the fact that they are “practical” since you are getting 2 boots in 1. You can upzip and remove the top if you want to wear them under jeans, or want to go with the shorter boot look. I haven’t decided how I feel about ankle boot trend. I still feel like if I wore them in the 7th grade, then I shouldn’t be wearing them now. Actually, I don’t think I owned any ankle boots back then, but I think the cool girls did and I think we called them granny boots.
One of my friends pointed these out to me in a Southern Living and I’ve been looking for them ever since and found them on Zappo’s.
Brown or black, brown or black …

>I’ve hit a new point of boring with this post …

>So, I don’t blog for a week and now I’m blogging about floors.

Does anyone have the Shark?

For a while now, I’ve noticed that our hardwood floors never really look clean. Even after they are cleaned by someone other than me who probably really knows what they are doing. I’ve tried different cleaning products – Murphy’s Oil, vinegar & water, plain water, etc and it’s always the same result.

This thing just looks like a miracle and I’m wondering if it’s as good as it looks. Between two dogs, two adults, and two toddlers, it’s an understatement to say that are floors always need a good cleaning.

Has anyone tried it? Do you love it?

>White jeans

>I bought my first pair of white jeans earlier this year and I’m a little obsessed with them. I want to pair them with every bright top I own, and I’m on the hunt for turquoise blue to wear with them. I know this probably doesn’t sound like a big deal, but this is my first pair of white jeans and probably my second pair of white pants that I’ve ever owned. I think my other white pants were maternity. I’m almost 40, um scratch that … I’m over 35.

A little background …

My parents were friends with a couple and the wife always wore white pants that were about a size too tight. Growing up, I can remember my Mom talking about this woman and her tight, white pants. I guess subliminally, it did a number on me to steer clear of this purchase.

I have made it through most of the day and they are surprisingly still clean. Today involved getting children in and out of car seats, getting a big stroller out of the back of my car, holding children who may or may not be dirty, petting black dogs, and general work/household related activities.

I am probably testing the proverbial waters by wearing them to celebrate Cinco de mayo tonight. Salsa! Guacamole! Black beans! Oh, the many things that Oxiclean may end up removing later. Not to mention that y’all already know that I don’t dry my jeans and it should also be known that I also wash them in cold.

Let’s say a little prayer that I don’t come home looking like a 3rd grader after a good day on the playground.


>I wrote a long rant about my shopping adventure at WalMart last night, but after reading it, I just felt really judgemental. I know I’m not really being judgemental since I was shopping there too, but let’s just say that there were just some very interesting characters shopping and working there last night.

I’m still in a little bit of disbelief about the entire shopping trip.

I’ll just sum it up with the fact that the clerk asked me if my coupons were coupons. Huh? What else are small, rectangular shaped pieces of paper that say “Save $1.00 on Pampers?” Isn’t there a training that covers that?

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>Yes & Yes

>I’m back on a Lands End kick again. Maybe I was never really off it, but I just hadn’t checked out anything in a while.

I looked at the Sears store this weekend and tried on a few things, then went back today for some more browsing.

Aren’t these cute for Spring? Plus, it’s 20% off everything in the stores.

Also, I keep reading good things about the Lands End Canvas cardigan sweaters. Any opinions out there? They look adorable online and it’s hard to beat the versatility of a good cardigan sweater.


>Has anyone ever been to a Sevier Skirt skirt party before? I noticed that one of my FaceBook friends became a fan, so I went to their page and website. Nosy? Probably. Curious, for sure.

I have to say, that I am in love with almost each and every one.

I would love to have a wardrobe of these fun skirts and then just wear a plain tshirt, turtleneck, or sweater and be done with it. Tights in the winter, bare legs in the summer. You’d always look pulled together and cute.

Surely, someone out there has to know about these adorable skirts. If not, let’s throw a party and find out!

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>It’s children’s consignment sale season here in my city and I had to share a few finds from last night’s shopping adventure. Hubby just laughed at my preppy picks for Maddy and Libby.

I typically match or coordinate Maddy and Libby and will probably do this until they tell me to stop or that I’m ruining their lives by dressing them alike. I just can’t help it. I decided that I could match their shirts for these pants, since I couldn’t find a mate. Sadly, I don’t own any pink toile pants or I might even try to make it the whole Mother/Daughter matching show. It’s probably a good thing I don’t.

What’s not to love about itty bitty seersucker capri pants?

Or itty bitty pink toile pants?

Don’t worry, my Moms of Multiples sale is coming up next week, so there’s still hope for Spring and Summer coordinating duds.